Hosta Name




A Many-Splendored Thing L A 24 inch high, upright, hosta with a dark green center and a 2.75 inch wide, rippled, golden yellow margin, slightly shiny on top and glaucous bloom underneath, lightly cupped, moderatly corrugated, nearly round leaf with heavy substance $10.00
Abba Dabba Do L This sport of H. Sun Power comes to us from Tony Avent.It features blue -green leaves that are large and pointed with a irregular gold margin that widens with age. Pale lavender flowers in July on this classic. $10.00
Abba Showtime M A medium sized fragrant Hosta that has dark green leaves with a creamy margin that becomes crisp white later in the season. $10.00
Abby S Blue green leaves edged in gold. Compact form makes a great edger or a perfect fit in tight areas. $3.00
Abiqua Drinking Gourd 2014 Hosta Of The Year L Large, blue, cupped, leaves with thick substance. One of our favorite cupped blues. $7.00
Abiqua Recluse L Bright gold, shiny, leaves with thick substance and some cupping. $9.00
Abiqua Trumpet M Blue-green leaves that are thick and cupped.A smaller Hosta Than H. Abiqua Drinking Gourd. $7.00
Adorable ppaf M An exciting new sport of H.Royal Standard from Van Hoorne Nursery. It features shiny, gold leaves with a green margin and fragrant white flowers.It has the same clump size and habit as the parent and its legendary durability. A must have. $12.00
Allan P. McConnell S Fast growing Hosta that has dark green. lance shaped, leaves with a thin, bright white, margin. Works great as an edger. $5.00
Alleghan Fog M This Hosta has an unusual speckled green and white center. It looks great in a highly visible area in your shade garden. $10.00
Alligator Shoes L Wedged shaped, frosty blue-green leaves that twist at the tip. Alligator skin texture on mature plants make this an unusual hosta that demands a second glance. $8.00
Alvantine Taylor L A large mound of blue centered, gold margined, foliage that is claimed to be a non-burning substitute for H. Frances Williams.Beautiful when mature. $8.00
Amazing Grace L Nice large mound of dark green slightly twisted leaves with an inch wide ,rippled, white margin. $12.00
Amber Tiara S A fast growing sport of H.Grand Tiara. Bright gold leaves in a dense clump with the Tiara growth rate make this a great accent plant for the front or middle of the Hosta Bed. $7.00
American Choo Choo M-L A new sport of H. Choo Choo Train developed by Van Wade Medium green leaves with rippling of margins accentuated by gold coloration; very showy. $15.00
American Dream L This Hosta Has the much sought after golden center with a white margin. A very bright and beautiful Hosta! $8.00
American Fashion L A rare sport of H. Aoki with golden leaves and 1 inch ,dark green margins.Lavender flowers on 30 inch scapes in August. From the Van Wade collection. $12.00
American Halo L Large, blue, leaves circled in a bright creamy, white, margin. We get a lot of people stopping to gaze at this one! $9.00
Amy Elizabeth S-M Small gold leaf with a thin ,green, irregular, margin. $7.00
Angel Feathers M Nice clump of dark green leaves surrounded by a white ,streaky, margin. $9.00
Anglo Saxon M 6 inch long medium green leaves surrounded with a thin yellow margin. This Alex Malloy intro has a nice mounding habit with 36 inch lavender scapes. $15.00
Ann Kulpa S Nice , little white centered Hosta with thick leaves and fast growth . It emerges in the spring with a yellow center that gradually becomes white with a dark green margin. Very striking and hardy for a white centered Hosta. $10.00
Antioch M Ovate, green leaf with a greenish-yellow margin that eventually turns white as the season progresses. Good sun tolerance from this classic Hosta. $7.00
Aoki M Medium mound of dark green leaves. The surface remains smooth as the mature leaves wrinkle slightly. $6.00
Aomori Gold Star M Another sport of H.Tachi Giboshi that features 7 x 3 1/2 inch leaves with a golden center and dark green margins.Rare! $30.00
Arc De Triomphe L Dark green leaves with a variable yellow margin are complimented even more with a graceful arching plant shape. Great as a specimen or at the back of the Hosta Bed. $10.00
Arnold Black NEW M-L This hosta forms 33 x 54 inch semi-upright, bright gold mound of 11 x 8 inch wavy leaves,very pale lavender flowers late June .A hybrid of White Vision X H. montana macrophylla from Dick & Jane Ward (2004 AHS registration). $15.00
Atlantis L A newly introduced sport of H. Abba Dabba Do makes a large clump of pointed,wavy green leaves that have a wide, creamy yellow, margin. Very hardy and fast growing for us! $10.00
Avalanche M A very striking introduction from Randy Goodwin.Green center with a striking, wide , white ,margin.Very eye-catching! $10.00
Aventurine M-L This strikingly blue plant represents another great cultivar from the breeding program of Doug Beilstein. $13.00
Aztec Treasure S-M A real unknown treasure in the Hosta world.This one forms a stunning bright clump 2 feet wide by 1 foot tall, of round, wrinkled, golden leaves.Dark purple flowers in late summer. $11.00
Azure Frills M A hybrid of a seedling X Venetian Blue developed at Q&Z nursery . $18.00
Azuretini S A Mark Zilis hybrid of a gold sport of Blue Dimples X Shining Tot ; selected for its good blue foliage color, vigor, and small size $11.00
Baby Booties NEW Mini This dwarf hosta forms a 5 x 19 inch mound of dark green , oval leaves with a wide, irregular ,bright white margin.Blooms are light purple on 25 inch from Doug Beilstein . $15.00
Baby Bunting Mini Cute little heart shaped, blue-green leaves form a tight little bundle. Great as an edger or in pots . $8.00
Banana Muffins M Makes a nice clump of chartreuse to golden leaves that are thick and corrugated. $7.00
Band Of Gold L Wide medium green leaves surrounded by a wide gold margin. This is a striking Hosta! $10.00
Banyai`s Dancing Girl M Delightful small clump of blue-grey leaves that are semi- cupped. Elegant pale lavender flowers are profuse in mid-summer! $3.00
Beach Party L A sport of Lakeside Beach Captain that has thick, blue-green, leaves with pale lavender flowers on three foot scapes. A fast grower with great blue color and substance. $12.00
Betty S This adorable little dark green Hosta features triangle shaped leaves with heavily rippled and cupped margins with a waxy shine. A very showy little triploid with dark purple flowers in mid-Summer. $8.00
Big Daddy L Thick, blue-green, heavily corrugated, leaves that are often cupped. Can get over 5 feet wide. Another must have Hosta. $9.00
Big Top L A large upright mound of thick, blue-green leaves. Great for mid border to understory a smaller Hosta. $15.00
Biggie L This one makes a large mound of dark green foliage.Leaves are very thick and heavily corrugated. $18.00
Bill Dress`s Blue Mini Tiny ,round, grayish-green leaves with pale lavender flowers, in a little bundle make this hosta perfect for pots or the front of a display garden. $8.00
Billy Bob Angel M A new sport of H.Margies Angel from Q and Z.It features an 18 x 36inch mound of 9 x 8 inch leaves that change from blue to dark green.It has pale lavender flowers on 30 inch scapes. $15.00
Birchwood Parky`s Gold S-M Nice clump of bright gold leaves that hold up well all summer long. Grows fast to fill in that bare spot. $3.00
Birchwood Ruffled Queen L A nice bright green Hosta with ruffled edges. Great specimen for the back of the border or a stand alone for mound and rippled leaf texture. $8.00
Bix Blues L-XL A stunning clump of intense blue leaves that are oval shaped with thick substance. White flowers on this beauty! $15.00
Blaze of Glory M Brilliant and vivid gold coloration on this medium sized Hosta. Really jumps out of the shade at you. $10.00
Blazing Saddles M A beautiful introduction from Tony Avent that features dark green, oblong leaves with bright ,wide , margins. Will eventually form a four foot mound with light lavender flowers on two foot scapes. Very hardy and striking. $10.00
Blizzard L Heavily streaked sport of H.Sum And Substance. Another show stopper from Jim Anderson. $30.00
Blonde Elf S Nice, bright golden, leaves accent the front of a border or pathway. Great grower. $7.00
Blue Angel L-XL This classic Hosta has big, blue leaves that are thick, and slug resistant. Tops off with nice white blooms in mid summer. $10.00
Blue Arrow S Nice blue, arrow shaped, leaves in an upright, slug resistant medium sized mound. $7.00
Blue Baron S This Hosta froms a flat spreading mound of thick ,slug resistant, blue leaves. $14.00
Blue Belle M This one forms a very dense clump of thick blue foliage.Great slug resistance too. $7.00
Blue Cadet S Fast growing, dense mound of blue -green foliage topped with purple-lavender flowers. This is a very popular Hosta for good reason. $7.00
Blue Chiffon M-L A rare cultivar introduced many years ago by the late Pauline Banyai of Madison Heights, Michigan. It features12 X 8 inch, slightly wavy, blue-green leaves with thick substance. $14.00
Blue Diamond S A nice little blue Hosta that features arching ,oval leaves with a sharp tip. $7.00
Blue Flame M A yellow margined sport of Fragrant Blue from Naylor Creek.This one has attractive foliage, fragrant flowers, and a fast growth rate. $12.00
Blue Haired Lady M Very nice dark green shiny leaves that almost appear plastic. Complimented by whitish flowers on 30 inch scapes in July.This one is different in a good way! $16.00
Blue Hawaii L Another great introduction from Olga Petryszyn.It forms a large , semi-upright mound of slug resistant, rich blue foliage. Leaves reach 12 inches long by 8 inches wide. $12.00
Blue Ivory S A showy sport from the old favorite Halcyon. This beauty features thick blue leaves with a wide, creamy white margin in the Spring.It changes todeep blue-green withbright white margins in the Summer and it is topped withlavender flowers on medium scapes. $13.00
Blue Mammoth XL Another huge, powder blue, with heavy corrugation. this Hosta can get 5 feet wide and 3 feet tall. Becomes a focal point in the Hosta garden quickly! $10.00
Blue Maui S A new all blue sport of H.Rainforest Sunrise.Same thick cupped leaves and texture. $14.00
Blue Mouse Ears 2008 Hosta Of The Year Mini Small ,round ,very thick grey -green, leaves topped by lavender flowers in late spring. A collectors must have .Also works great in containers or rock gardens. $10.00
Blue Pointer NEW L This Hosta forms a mound of 19 by 42 inches high . pointed, ruffled, rich blue foliage of excellent substance; named after a shark ; a seedling selection of Tokudama Aureonebulosa developed at Q and Z nursery. $15.00
Blue Regal M This Hosta features 10 X 7 inch leaves that are unruly and moderately corrugated.Their color changes from Blue-green to shiny bright green during the growing season.It produces near white flowers on 34 inch scapes in early summer.A great specimen plant. $13.00
Blue Sensation L A pure H. sieboldiana of exceptional substance and color; sport of Sara`s Sensation developed by Q & Z Nursery $10.00
Blue Sophistication M Medium mound of blue-green leaves. This Hosta is as elegant as its name implies! $10.00
Blue Tooth NEW M A new Beilstein hybrid between June and Azure Snow. It features 12 x 5 inch , bright blue leaves with good substance.A mature mound will reach 18 inches high by 36 inches wide. $13.00
Blue Umbrellas L Thick, rugose, blue-green, leaves that form a semi-upright mound.The leaves cup downward to resemble an umbrella. $8.00
Blue Wedgewood M Medium mound of wedge shaped, blue leaves.Makes a great contrast when placed in front of a large ,gold Hosta such as August Moon or Sum and Substance. $9.00
Blue Wonder M Nice deep blue Hosta that has thick substance.Turns dark green in late season. $15.00
Bluetini S This small Hosta features 4 inch long by 2 3/4 inch wide wavy, rich blue,leaves.It is a good grower in the garden and in containers as well.It features pale purple flowers on 18 inch scapes in August. $13.00
Bob Deane L Thick ,dark green ,leaves with a wavy, bright, streaky,white margin.Very showy mid border plant. $8.00
Bob Olson Mini A small to miniature clump of medium green leaves with a nice cream to white margin. Striking and hardy. $9.00
Bobbie Sue M Very nice Hosta with Dark ,shiny centers and a wide bright white margin. This one catches a lot of attention in our garden. $11.00
Bold Ribbons M Nice medium to dark green lance shaped leaves with a bright cream to white margin.. Nice lavender ,funnel shaped flowers that are fertile in early summer. $7.00
Bottom Line L-XL A sport of Sum And Substance, with medium, glossy green, center and a gold margin. $12.00
Bountiful S-M A nice mound of dark green heart shaped leaves that is noted for the profusion of lavender blooms that it sets. Fast growing and hardy. $6.00
Brass Horn M This Hosta has an upright form with blue-green leaves and an unusual brassy gold margin. $9.00
Brendas Beauty M Interesting sport of Gold Standard from Bob Keller. The leaves have a creamy white center, turning light green in the summer, with a medium green margin. The leaves are slightly folded and twisted. Lavender flowers in July. $12.00
Bridegroom M Very distinctive and unusual Hosta . The medium green, heart shaped, leaves curl upward and the side of the leaves cascade downward. Put this one where it can show off its unusual and intriguing form. $13.00
Bridgeville S-M This bright green Hosta features wavy, ovate leaves with a bright white margin that emerges as gold in the Spring.A very hardy and reliable Hosta in our garden. $10.00
Brother Ronald M This Hosta has a #1 on the Zilis blue scale.Has nice clusters of white to lavender flowers in mid July. $8.00
Brother Stefan L Beautiful round leaves that are 10 inches around ,slightly cupped and surrounded by a medium green margin. Leaves are very thick and rugose. This is one beautiful Hosta. $1,500.00
Bubbatini L A selected seedling out of a cross between a sport of Blue Dimples X Shining Tot developed at Q and Z Nursery. $11.00
Bumblebee M-L This Hosta forms a 19 inch high by 52 inch wide mound of heavily corrugated, golden foliage.It is reported to be a fast grower with good substance. $15.00
Butter Cream M-L Golden, richly colored, Bob Balitewicz seedling of Butternut Hill $14.00
Calamity Jane M A rare, and magnificent, originator stock, Hosta from Steve Nykios that features shiny, medium green leaves with wide golden streaks that eventually become cream colored later in the season. Fragrant flowers tower over unusually thick scapes.. $50.00
Camelot M Nice, bright blue, leaves that are slightly cupped, and heart shaped. It has that frosty blue look that is highly desirable. $8.00
Candy Cane S A lovely, small, variegated hosta with Leaves that are 6 inches long x 2.75 inches wide, very dark green with 1/2 inch wide, rippled, yellow-gold margin. Deep purple flowers. $5.00
Candy Hearts M Fast growing mound of heart shaped green leaves. Outstanding background plant for small or mini golds or variegated.makes them jump out at you. $4.00
Captain Kirk M This Hosta has a bright gold center with 2 inch wide dark green margins. It is a sport of H.Gold Standard, and shows the same vigor as its parent. Very showy in a dark nook or corner of the shade garden.Destined to be a classic. $10.00
Carol M A medium sized oldy but goody, with dark green leaves and a bright ,white, irregular margin. $6.00
Carolina Blue M Want a light blue hosta that hold its blue late into the season? This is it! $12.00
Carolina Sunshine M Long ,dark ,shiny, green leaves surrounded by an irregular yellow margin that doesn`t fade to white. Makes a nice arching ,medium sized mound. $8.00
Centerfold M-L This Hosta features a mound like habit of yellow-gold ,semi-glossy, and heavily corrugated, rippled , leaves.It has near white flowers on 18 inch scapes. $15.00
Chain Lightning M A beautiful new hosta from the Wards. Nice bright white center surrounded by a dark green margin. Very bright contrast! $15.00
Chantilly Lace S This Hosta holds its leaves in a horizontal manner. The small. green. wavy. leaves have a bright white margin . The plant forms a semi-upright cluster that really demands focus. $8.00
Chariots Of Fire M This Hosta features pale green leaves with a thin creamy margin.It has purple flowers on deep red scapes in late summer. $12.00
Charity NEW S This new Hosta features deep green leaves that are almost round and as smooth and glossy as polished marble! Each leaf is circled by an undulating yellow margin that turns white by mid summer. $18.00
Checkered Cab S-M This Hosta forms a 15 X 52 inch mound of bright gold,unruly and heavily corrugated leaves.It forms 22 inch reddish scapes with medium purple flowers in late July.From Dous Beilstein`s breeding program. $12.00
Chesterland Gold L This all gold sport of H.Paul`s Glory features 8 inch leaves that emerge chartreuse and then become bright gold later. It has lavender flower on 36 inch scapes. $8.00
Chief Sitting Bull NEW XL This monster can reach 44 inches high and 90 inch wide at maturity. Huge dark green leaves are rugose and unruly and get 14inches long by 10 inches wide. Truly a gigantic specimen from Van Wade. $15.00
Chi-Town Classic S A nice new small Hosta that has waxy medium green leaves with a crisp and irregular white margin.and lavender flowers in July. . $15.00
Chop Sticks S-M Nice ,bright green 9 x 6 inch, leaves held atop long, erect, bright red petioles. $15.00
Chorus Girl NEW S This little beauty makes a tight clump of bright gold, cupped leaves that are held upward toward the sun. A seedling of Doug Beilstein, it is a great plant for hybridizing. $15.00
Chromosphere NEW M A Mark Zilis hybrid between Ogon Tachi X English Sunrise, forms a semi-upright mound of smooth, bright gold foliage. $13.00
Citratini S This Shining Tot X Gold Regal , Mark Zilis introduction.It features 3 ½ long by 2 ½ wide, foliage emerges bright gold, changing to shiny green by late summer, slightly wavy and have good substance $11.00
City lights M A bright golden Aden Hosta that features thick, corrugated, lutescent leaves.It has white flowers on 38 inch scapes. Good sun tolerance if kept well watered. $10.00
Clear Fork River Valley L A big one from Van Wade! This one ranks as one of the best for intense corrugation and dark green leaf color. If you are a slug…buy a different Hosta! $20.00
Cleopatra M A creamy margined, Fortunei type sport developed in the 1990s; fast growing in containers and in the garden $13.00
Climax L This one forms a bright V shaped mound of medium green leaves surrounded by a gold border.The upright habit really helps this one stand out! $10.00
Cloudburst M This new Hosta features thick,corrugated,unruly,blue-green leaves that turn dark ,shiny green in summer.It is a seedling from H.Glory, a proven winner! $12.00
Con Te Partiro NEW S This small hosta features lance shaped, slightly wavy, leaves with a blue-green center and creamy white, margins.A rare ,and underrated, Hosta from Greg Johnson. $15.00
Cool Dreams NEW L This Mark Zilis introdution is a hybrid of Halcyon X Silver Bowl that features thick, blue corrugated, and cupped foliage on a medium sized plant. Great cupping. $15.00
Cooltini S This small Hosta forms an 11 x 26 inch mound of blue 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch ,rich,deep blue leaves.Pale purple flowers on 2 foot scapes mid summer. $12.00
Corkscrew S A nice small dark green mound of twisted and contorted leaves from Bob Solberg. Lavender flowers form on scapes that are frequently forked.A truly unique Hosta! $15.00
Corn Belt M A sport of H.Jimmy Crack Corn with a bright gold center and a green margin. $14.00
Corn Muffins S-M This one forms a mound of rippled, heavily corrugated,dome shaped golden leaves.Vey showy! $15.00
Cotton Candy M A beautiful Pathfinder sport developed at Q and Z nursery that exhibits beautifully misted foliage; registered with the AHS in 2009; $25.00
Cousin Lou Ann NEW M-L This Hosta forms an impressive 19x 36 inch mound of heavily cupped, very wavy shiny green, leaves that are10 inches long and 9 inches wide. A very showy, shiny green, Hosta! $15.00
Crazy For You NEW M-L This bright gold Hosta comes to us from the Wards in Ohio.It Features 9 inch X 7 inch leaves that are cupped,corrugated and unruly with thick substance. It forms pale lavender flower on 36 inch scapes in early July. $15.00
Cream Cheese S A classic small Hosta that forms an 8 inch x 20 inch mound of bright green leaves with a wide ,creamy wavy margin that changes from yellow to cream. Purple flowers on top of 16 inch scapes in early summer. $12.00
Crested Surf S A very cool little Hosta that features wavy dark green leaves that are lance shaped and surrounded with a bright yellow border.Very bright for the front of the border. $9.00
Crumb Cake Mini This rapidly growing hosta makes a very tight flat mound of honey-gold round leaves with mahogany petioles that are shiny, wonderfully wavy, and have very good substance. Its mahogany scapes have pretty lavender flowers in July. $12.00
Crystal Tiara S A sport of Grand Tiara with clean white center and very wide bright yellow margin that becomes two tone as the older foliage becomes more chartreuse very heavy substance and dark purple flowers in early Summer. $15.00
Cup Of Grace S This Hosta forms a 19 x 43 inch, semi- upright plant with green 8 1/2 x 7 1/4 inch deep green, cupped and corrugated leaves.white flowers on 30 inch scapes in mid July. $15.00
Cupatini S A nice little Q and Z intro that features very blue leaves that are cupped and thick.Mound matures at 12 inches tall by 26 inches wide with white flowers on13 inch scapes. $12.00
Cutting Edge M A very unusual Hosta that features blue green ruffled and serrated leaves that fold up to expose white undersides.Very different! $8.00
Daddy Boomer XL This monster features thick,heavily rippled blue green leaves with a gold margin. It produces near white flowers on 40 inch scapes $25.00
Dance With Me M Yellow heart shaped leaves surrounded by a dark green margin.They are heavily textured and very bright. This Hosta grows really well for us. $9.00
Dark Star M This Hosta has narrow, pointed, dark blue-green leaves that have a thin white edge. Very nice contrast against a gold Hosta. $9.00
Darwin`s Standard M Thick gold semi-glossy leaves with a nice dark green margin. Very thick and rugose leaves are slug resistant and sun tolerant. $11.00
Dawns Early Light M The brightest Hosta In early spring! This Hosta emerges a glowing lemon yellow! Leaves are ruffled,and wavy with heavy corrugation eventually darken to lime green as the season progresses. $12.00
Daybreak M-L Deep gold, heavily textured leaves make this Hosta perfect for a path entrance or a bright spot in dark ground cover. $9.00
Deane`s Dream M This blue beauty forms a clump that is 14 x 36 inches.It has 9 by 5 inch deep blue-green,blade ovate shaped leaves that are slightly wavy and lightly corrugated with red petioles.It is a cross of H. Blue Arrow and H. Sea Fire from Bob Solberg. $15.00
Dear Heart S A nice small hosta that features 5 x 4 inch, blue-green , heart shaped, leaves. It has light lavender flowers in July. $5.00
Dee`s Golden Jewel L Brilliant gold, elongated, leaves on this sun-tolerant beauty! It is an all gold sport of H. Jewel Of The Nile . $14.00
Deep Pockets M-L This deep green ,richly corrugated Hosta has deep cupping and semi-upright mound habit.Very striking!! $15.00
Deep Space Nine M-L A reverse spot of H. Captian Kirk from Q and Z nursery that features 8.5 x 7 inch wide, dark green, thick and wavy, leaves with a variable 1 inch wide, yellow margin. Mound matures at 20 x 42 inches and has pale lavender flowers. $15.00
Deja Blue S-M This Hosta feaures a small to medium clump of blue green leaves with a lightning stripe between the center and the chartreuse-yellow margin. Good substance with light lavender flowers in mid July. $12.00
Delicious M This Hosta forms a medium mound of medium green centered,creamy white margined foliage with purple red petioles and bright purple flowers in August.New sport of the heavily streaked H. Vivacious. $13.00
Designer Genes M A nice bright gold hosta that features red petioles,dark red scapes, and purple flowers. This one was the A.H.S. convention plant in 2006. Very nice contrast! $13.00
Diamond Tiara S Green leaved, white margined ,sport of Golden Tiara . It has the same shape, size, and reputation of being a hardy, fast growing ,Hosta. $6.00
Dick Ward M This sport of H. Zounds has bright gold foliage with a dark green, streaky margin. Thick substance and heavy corrugation help to make this a fairly sun tolerant Hosta. $10.00
Diva L Gold , heart shaped leaves with thick substance make this Hosta an impressive specimen or back row Hosta. $13.00
Dorset Blue S A 10 inch by 24 inch mound of vivid,blue-green,heart -Shaped leaves that have thick substance, and are heavily corrugated. Very pale lavender flowers form on 16 inch scapes in mid August. It is a Tardiana hybrid that is very slug resistant. $9.00
Dragon Tails S This cute little Hosta features long ,ruffled ,golden leaves that point in all directions! very unique! $10.00
Dream Boat NEW M-L This seedling from H. nigrescens comes to us from the Beilsteins breeding program. Big12 inch long by 8 inch wide ,medium green leaves are heavily cupped and rippled with great substance.Lavender flowers form on 30 inch scapes in late August. $15.00
Dress Blues M Upright mound with blue leaves that starts out with a gold margin and changes to white as the season progresses. $9.00
Drummer Boy M A classic with dark green leaves in a tight clump. Bell shaped purple flowers in late spring. A sport of H. Birchwood Ruffled Queen . $6.00
Dust Devil M Nice fast growing clump of medium green leaves with a nice yellow-green margin that changes to white in late season. $12.00
Eagle Creek Woods L This Hosta comes from Randy Goodwin. It features bright yellow, slightly rippled, leaves with a thin ,crisp white margin.Light lavender flowers on 2 foot scapes in mid summer. $15.00
Earth Angel 2009 Hosta Of The Year L Large variegated sport of the classic H.Blue Angel.Large, heart shaped leaves are surrounded by a wide, white, margin. A real eye catcher! $9.00
Easy To love S A newly released Hosta from Dick and Jane Ward that features 5 inch long X4 inch wide ,blue -green leaves with bright white, streaky, 1/2 inch margins. Very showy with excellent substance. $13.00
El Capitan L This Hosta has a crinkled green center surrounded by a wide gold margin. Flower scapes jump up to 40 inches tall and bear lavender flowers in late summer. $9.00
Elata L This classic features large furrowed leaves with pronounced sunken veins. Medium green color with a dull top and glacous underside. Some rippling occurs in established plants. Exceptional when mature! $6.00
Electric Blue M-L From the Q & Z Nursery breeding program comes this light blue cultivar, combining the thick substance and durability of (H. sieboldiana Creme de Menthe) with the growing habits of its pod parent (a seedling of Marilyn X Tardiflora). $14.00
Electrocution S This distinctive Hosta forms a upright mound of lightly ripples, twisty ,narrow green leaves with a creamy yellow margin.Lavender flowers in mid-summer compliment this unique Hosta that looks great in containers orin the front of the Hosta garden. $14.00
Elephant Burgers M-L This Hosta features big, round ,corrugated ,flat, leaves that are a deep green color.Cool name also!! $9.00
Elfin Power S Medium green with pure white margins, streaking into center. Puple cupped flowers. $6.00
Eliator XL This giant forms a massive mound of shiny, medium green foliage with near white flowers on top of 7 foot scapes. Truly a classic. $12.00
Elvis Lives M This unique Hosta has long wavy, blue-green leaves that twist at the tip. The King lives! $5.00
Emerald Crown M Deep green color; good growth rate; good substance; complex Bill & Eleanor Lachman hybrid involving Halcyon and Resonance, among others; a great edger or ground cover plant. $10.00
Emerald Necklace M This Hosta comes to us from Bob Kuk. It has twisted, shiny,light green leaves with a wide, dark green margin.They are lance shaped with a rounded base. $8.00
Emerald Tiara S This Hosta is the reverse form of Golden Tiara . Bright gold-green center is surrounded by a medium green margin. Very striking! $6.00
Empress Wu XL A huge hosta that features leaves that are dark green on stiff, upright ,petioles. Has reportedly reached 4 feet 6 inches in height.It has pale lavender flowers on 5 foot scapes. $12.00
Envy M This flashy bright green hosta has a very showy yellow margin that will become white in late summer. A seedling of Doug Beilstein`s, it has a somewhat upright habit making a medium-sized clump. $15.00
Eola Sapphire L Huge, dark blue-green leaves. Foliage mound gets 60 inches wide x 32 inches tall. Flowers are near white and bloom in early July on 36 inch tall scapes. Leaves have thick substance. $15.00
Epiphany M-L This beautiful sport of H. Paradigm has thick 11x 9 inch leaves that are bright gold centered with a wide, dark green margin. has near white flowers on 36 inch scapes inJune. Very striking. $13.00
Erie Magic M A nice color contrast of a muted ,green center with a gold margin. $8.00
Excalibur S Nice little green hosta with a crisp white margin. Some believe it to be identical to H. Ginko Craig . $5.00
Eye Candy M This one forms a stunning upright mound of dark green leaves surrounded with a wide white margin topped with lavender flowers in early summer. $18.00
Fair Maiden S-M Very pretty little Hosta that has dark green leaves that are surrounded by a bright white margin that streaks all the way into the center. Very different! $10.00
Faith M This Hosta features big, round ,golden leaves that are very rugose. It develops the brassy gold color on the raised portion of the bumps later in the season. This one really stands out when it matures! $15.00
Faithful Heart D-S This bright little sport of H.Cheating Heart puts on quite a show with its bright gold leaves surrounded by a bright green margin.Lavender flowers top this hardy little beauty. $10.00
Fall Dazzler S This is a wild collected form of H. Longipes in Japan by Mark Zilis that features medium-green lance shaped leaves with a thin, crisp ,white ,margin. It is named for the late flowering of purple,tubular, flowers in early Fall. $0.00
Fallen Angel L This Hosta emerges in the spring and closely resembles its parent H. Guardian Angel without the blue border, but eventually changes to solid blue. It has off white flowers and maintains the same growth and mound habit as its parent. $19.00
Fan Dance S-M Yellow leaves with a dark green margin that turns parchment white with more sun. Great attention getter! $10.00
Farewell Party M This Mark Zilis hybrid of H. Gold Regal x H Mesa Fringe; semi-upright mound of golden yellow foliage, much brighter gold than its pod parent, H. Gold Regal. $15.00
Fashionista M Bright sport of Designer Genes developed at Q and Z nursery; white margins give this a different look from its mother plant; great combination of white-edged, gold-centered foliage and bright red petioles and scapes; and purple flowers. $10.00
Feather Boa S Leaves emerge bright yellow and turn light green later in the season,The lanceolate shape is complimented by bell shaped, purple striped flowers on 15 inch scapes. This is a great edger for the front of the Hosta bed. $6.00
Fiesta M 11 inch long by 7 inch wide leaves feature a gold to chartreuse center with a thin white margin. This coloration really jumps out against greens and blues $20.00
Final Summation PPAF XL Finally! A new sport of H.Sum and Substance featuring dark green margins on huge chartreuse leaves. Striking! $11.25
Fire Island S H. Fire Island came from Bill Brincka in 1998.It has shiny, bright, golden leaves with dull undersides and red petioles.Flowers are purple and tubular. $10.00
Firefly M Dick and Jane Ward Pin Stripe seedling that forms a dense mound of white-edged foliage; great for the front of the shaded border $14.00
First Frost 2010 Hosta Of The Year M Deep blue center in spring that eventually turns to a dark green.1/2 inch wide gold margins that turn to an off white as the season progresses. We really like the thick substance on this one. $10.00
Flapjack M this Hosta features rippled, white margins; Bill & Eleanor Lachman hybrid combining the best traits of Christmas Tree with Donahue Piecrust, rarely seen and unusual $14.00
Floratini S This Hosta forms a low, dense mound of foliage useful in containers or as an edger; Mark Zilis hybrid of Pilgrim X Shining Tot which produces an outstanding show of purple flowers $11.00
Flower Power L A large, shiny,green Hosta with ruffled margins. Forms 50 inch scapes with a profusion of highly fragrant flowers in early summer. $10.00
Fool`s Gold M This Hosta was named because of its pale shadow gold margin that never gets any brighter against olive colored leaves. I have noticed sort of a copper sheen to the margin in a certain light. $9.00
Formal Attire L Thick dark green leaves that are crinkled with a wide creamy margin.This Hosta grows very quickly for us. $11.00
Foxfire Palm Sunday L Uniqe,very thick, almost rubbery, long chartreuse leaves have a dark green palm leaf pattern in the center that goes all of the way down to the petiole. Pale lavender flowers in July. $16.00
Fragrant Blue S-M A very bright blue that continues its color long after other blues have turned green. Bonus of white ,fragrant flowers puts this one on our Must Have list! $10.00
Fragrant Bouquet 1998 Hosta Of The Year M Large apple green leaves with a wide creamy white margin. Has large funnel shaped , fragrant flowers in mid summer. $10.00
Fragrant Dream M A sport of Fragrant Bouquet that features darker green leaves and a creamy yellow to white margin.A great grower with nice contrast! $12.00
Fragrant Fire M-L Bright green leaves that feature a margin that changes from yellow to white.White fragrant flowers top this beauty in August. $14.00
French Quarter M Interesting color changes from this sport of H. Cajun Sunrise . It emerges gold then changes to an orange-gold and then makes its final change to a bright chartreuse.Fun to witness! $16.00
Fresh S A small edger hosta with medium gold wavy leaves with creamy white margins, quite fresh looking. Lavender flowers in july. $6.00
Fried Bananas L This is a yellow-gold sport of H. Guacamole. Nice golden leaves held high on long ,thick, stems. Looks great next to its parent. $8.00
Fried Green Tomatoes L The all green sport of H. Guacamole.Nice bright green plant with large leaves. This one really makes a great background plant for brightly colored foreground Hostas. $4.00
Friends S A small lance leaf hosta that is bright gold and heavily rippled.Looks great as an edger. $12.00
Frost Giant L This one has big sturdy blue leaves with a margin that turns to a creamy white later in the season.It forms a stately ,large clump with white flowers in early summer. Very nice! $12.00
Frosty Morn M Nice bright gold color; white flowers; good substance; seedling of H. rupifraga from top hybridizers Bill & Eleanor Lachman . $11.00
Fuzzy Dice M Nice sport of Ed Elslager`s Blue Suede Shoes; represents the color of blue that Ed attempted to breed into his many introductions. $13.00
Garden Party XL This giant is a sport of the popular H. Golden Sculpture . It has the same vase shaped mound and the same golden color but it has a nice medium gren margin that fades into the gold of the leaf center. You can`t miss this monster! $12.00
Garnet Prince M A nice upright Hosta with shiny, green leaves with cherry red petioles.It has lavender blooms on 50 inch scapes in late August. $10.00
Geisha S Light green-gold, glossy leaves with a dark green irregular margin. the leaves turn at the tip. Also known as, Ani Machi . Can take some sun if well watered. $9.00
Gemstone S This Hosta features blue-green foliage color; purple flowers; Tony Avent hybrid of H. venusta X Dorset Blue; outstanding blue-leaved edging plant. $13.00
Gentle Giant XL Forms a 42 by 65 inch mound of blue-green, corrugated, cupped, and twisted leaves. This giant has an upright growth habit. It is a selected seedling from H.`Frances Williams` from Paul Black. The next great giant blue-green, Hosta. $15.00
Gentle Spirit S This Hosta forms a 9 by 30 inch clump of shiny, dark-green leaves with a white margin, Leaves have a smooth texture with great substance. Spider shaped, medium purple flowers in late August on 18 inch scapes. $25.00
George M. Dallas M-L Another Hosta from Doug Beilstein named after our 11th Vice president. Forms a 20 x 40 inch mound of thick, medium green leaves with a 1/2 inch gold margin and a distinct tip Lavender flowers in late July.. $20.00
Giantland Mouse Cheese Mini Another gold Mouse Ears sport from Jeff Miller and Terri Meyer. This one is slightly larger with larger leaves than Sunny Mouse Ears. $13.00
Gin and Tonic M This nice, bright Hosta from Kevin Vaughn features bright, gold, rugose leaves with a thin frosty white margin. $10.00
Ginko Craig S This Hosta Grows into a small clump of dark green narrow leaves with a bright white margin with purple striped flowers in late summer. This has got to be one of the best Hostas for edging to this day. $7.00
Ginsu Knife M A medium green Hosta with heavily serrated, creamy white edges.It also has mildly fragrant white blooms. Grows well in containers or the garden. Unusual and unique! $12.00
Gold Chip S This golden Host forms a very dense mound 11 inches tall by 37 inches wide.It has thick, slightly wave, bright golden leaves and white flowers on 2 foot scapes in July. A Herb Benedict introduction. $14.00
Gold Drop S Cute little gold-green Hosta.It has lavender flowers in summer and makes a fantastic ground cover or low border plant. $7.00
Gold Edger S This one forms a dense mound of golden foliage.makes a great edger or understory plant . $6.00
Gold Regal L This Hosta quicly becomes a semi -upright mound of gold to chartreuse foliage depending on direct light that it is given. Very stately background or specimen plant. $8.00
Golden Friendship M Thick, yellow, cupped leaves topped with lavender flowers in early summer. This Hosta is named for the special bond that grows between Hosta People. Makes a great gift with a name that says it all. $10.00
Golden Goal S This small Hosta features thick, uruly ,bright golden ,leaves. Great for the front of the border! $10.00
Golden Gurnsey M We bought this one for the name but we soon found out that it is a super Hosta with nice golden leaves and fast growth! $10.00
Golden Sculpture L Large, beautiful, bright golden Hostas that forms a huge mound. Perfect specimen plant or use as a an anchor for the back of the bed. $11.00
Golden Surprise M A bright gold Hosta with slightly wavy leaves and lavender flowers in July. This fast grower was introduced by Lucy Simpers and Pete Ruh in 1991. $9.00
Golden Teacup S Medium mound of thick and cupped bright gold leaves. It`s name is very fitting! $11.00
Golden Tiara S-M Very rapid growing mound of medium green leaves surrounded with a bright gold marginn. this classic is the parent of many sports. $6.00
Goober S A nice little all green sport of H. Peanut .It has nice texture and deep green nicely puckered foliage. $11.00
Gothic Charm M A nice green Hosta with rich, dark green 9 1/2 x 6 inch leaves that form a clump that measures 20 by 40 inches. Lavender flowers bloom in July. $10.00
Grand Prize S This sport of H.Grand Tiara, has thicker leaves and a much brighter margin than its parent.Slow grower but great for the middle of the bed.Very unpredictible coloration! $10.00
Grand Slam S A beautiful, understated Hosta with broad, dark green leaves that are glossy and very leathery with undulation along the margin. Purple dotting on the petioles and scapes. A select form of H. longpipes var. latifolia. Dense, dark violet flowers . $10.00
Grand Tiara S This sport of H.Golden Tiara ,has a much wider gold margin. Same mound habit and fast growth rate. $8.00
Grand Total XL A huge all green form of H. Sum and Substance from Qand Z Nursery. Gets 30 inches tall by 60+ inches wide. Pale lavender flowers on 45 inch tall scapes. $15.00
Grape Fizz M A hybrid of Rhapsody in Blue x Hosta plantaginea from Bob Solberg of Green Hill Farm; medium-sized mound of green foliage topped by fragrant purple flowers—a hard combination to beat $12.00
Great Arrival L This is a reversed form of H.Great Expectations It has thick, large leaves with a yellow margin that turns to an off-white later in the season. $10.00
Great Lakes Gold L A great new gold with piecrust edges! Large,upright mound with pale lavender flowers in July. $11.00
Green Cheese M-L This green sport comes from H.Lime Smoothie. It has pointed,medium to dark green, leaves.It is a fast grower with lavender flowers on two foot scapes. $11.00
Green Fountain L A dense and symmetrical clump of lustrous green, wavy, lance shaped, leaves. Graceful and slender. Leaves cascade and droop,. $5.00
Green Lama S Nice little green clump with pink petioles. This one is a sport of H. Island Charm . $9.00
Green Mouse Ears S This one is the green form of H.Blue Mouse Ears. $15.00
Green Sparkler S-M A Beautiful deep green sport of H.Sparkle that grows in to a small to medium mound. It features shiny, dark green leaves with red petioles and purple flowers on 2 foot scapes. Very good grower! $12.00
Green Wedge M This one has huge,shiny, chartreuse leaves. Great plant to contrast with dark green or blue. $13.00
Grover Cleveland L This Blue Hosta forms a semi-upright mound that reaches 24 x 51 inches with 13 x 11 inch thick, cupped leaves.Pale lavender flowers on 30 inch scapes in late July. $18.00
Guacamole 2002 Hosta Of The Year L Big Hosta with gold-centered, green margined leaves that are even brighter with more sun. Fragrant , pale lavender flowers on 38 inch scapes in August. Fast growth, very hardy! $10.00
Guardian Angel L Beautiful white and green misted center surrounded by a blue-green margin that changes to dark green in mid-summer.This striking sport of H. Blue Angel , is a must for collectors or anyone wanting a very showy background or specimen plant! $12.00
Gum Drop S Light green sport of H.Gold Drop. Forms a tight little mound of heart shaped leaves with lavender to pink flowers. $7.00
Hadspen Blue M Low growing clump of thick, blue, rounded, leaves. $8.00
Hakumuo S A striking white centered Hosta from Japan. The white center is flecked with green spots.Forms pale purple flowers on 26 inch scapes in August. $13.00
Halcyon M A classic , fast growing Hosta with frosty blue thick leaves. Grows really well for us! $10.00
Hallelujah M A 16 inch high by 33 inch wide semi-upright, vase-shaped mound of bright blue foliage that is nicely cupped; great substance; hybrid of Halcyon X Blue Betty Lou developed at Q and Z Nursery. $15.00
Hanky Panky (ppaf) S A very unusual coloration on this Hosta! Lance shaped leaves with an irregular white and cream pattern throughout the entire leaf. A must have for the serious collector! $10.00
Hannibal Hamlin L A beautiful new Hosta that forms a semi-upright clump of dark green leaves with a 1 inch creamy white streaky margin.It has pale purple flowers on 30 inch scapes in July. $15.00
Happy Dayz M A beautiful Hosta that features bright yellow to orange leaveswith blue-green margins. This one is very showy! $12.00
Happy Valley M-L This Hosta forms a medium to large clump of shiny, medium green,tapered leaves with a crisp white margin. $12.00
Harpoon M Nice H.Yingeri hybrid from Roy Herold makes a 2 foot wide clump of narrow,glossy green leaves with a half inch wide rippled creamy border.It is topped with 40 inch scapes of dark lavender flowers in early summer. Very hardy. $15.00
Hawkeye S A cute ,upright Hosta with medium green leaves and a wide gold margin.A very striking one! $12.00
Hazel S A nice little wavy gold clump that turns chartreuse later in the season. Nice purple to lavender flowers provide a nice contrast. $7.00
Heartsong M Sport of H,Candy Hearts, with the same dark green center with an added white margin, Fast to multiply and to be admired! $9.00
Herbal Tea M This sport of H.My Cup Of Tea features bright gold, cupped leaves and pale lavender flowers on 20 inch reddish purple scapes that give great contrast.. $18.00
Hi Ho Silver S This lance-shaped, wide white margined sport of H. Ginko Craig , has a smaller growing habit than the prior; flowers are dark purple, striped white.Very bight and crisp margin definition. $9.00
Hida -no -hana M This Montana sport was found in the wild in Japan. It featuures 9 x 6 inch leaves that are misted green and white in the center with a dark green margin. It grows to 18 by 40 inches and has pale lavender flowers on tall scapes. $40.00
Hideout Mini This 6 inch x 14 inch Hosta forms a dense clump of swirling, white centered, lance shaped ,green margined leaves that are wavy with thin substance. Q and Z sport of H. Hidden Cove . $16.00
High Society S A small Hosta that has a creamy center and dark blue margins.Center turns white in summer. great contrast plant. $10.00
Hippodrome M New Hosta with broad , dark green leaves complimented by a neatly rippled,creamy yellow margin. It is hybrid of H.Christmas Tree and H. Halcyon .This one shows a lot of promise. $13.00
His Honor L This Hosta Has large ,round green leaves with a wide creamy white margin. Makes a large, impressive ,clump! $19.00
Hollywood Lights ppaf L A new beauty with golden centered leaves with a wide dark green margin. $11.00
Holy Mole L Sport of H,Guacamole, that has a narrow Gold-green center. Same great qualities as its parent. $12.00
Hotcakes S An all green sport of H.Lakeside Cupcake $10.00
Hotspur M A beautiful but slow growing white centered Hosta from Ian Chrystal. $16.00
Humpback Whale XL This giant blue legend from Mildred Seaver was once thought to be a myth until it was put up for a biddding war at an AHS auction.The final tally was $3500. This Hosta is a legend. $13.00
Hypnosis L Forms a medium sized mound of unusual 6 inch long by 4 inch wide dark green centered leaves with a 1/2 inch wide, white, margins with green speckles. Forms lavender flowers on 30 inch scapes in July. $20.00
I`ll Have Another M A gorgeous sport of H. Rosedale Blendmaster, yellow margins on medium green leaves.From Bill Silvers.Named after the 2012 Kentucky Derby winning horse. $13.00
Ice Cream M Cute medium sized mound of bright green leaves with a wide yellow to white, irregular edge. Fast grower that looks great in front of large blue Hostas. $8.00
Ice Prancer M-L This hosta has thick,wedged shape leaves that are an ice blue color. They are rippled and arching with a twisted tip. A very showy blue! $10.00
Imperial Palace L Features great contrast between the creamy yellow leaf center and wide, medium green margin; Pin Stripe Sister seedling from Dick and Jane Ward (2009 AHS registration) $15.00
Incoming M-L This Hosta features a 21 by 52 inch mound of 12 x 6 inch dark green,shiny and smooth, deeply veined leaves.It is an op seedling of H. Kikutii caputavis from Emile and Jane Deckert of Maryland. $10.00
Indiana Blue M A dense, medium-sized mound of Tardiana-like, deep blue-green foliage, another great introduction from Indiana Bob Balitewicz $14.00
Inniswood M Round ,rugose leaves with a sreaky ,dark green margin.destined to be a classic! $11.00
Irish Eyes M-L This Hosta features medium green leaves with a bright ,creamy margin.It has near white tubular flowers midseason and is very tough. $10.00
Irish Luck M A stunning ,dark green Hosta with leaves that are rippled and deeply veined with a twist at the tip..Very showy $12.00
Iron Gate Delight L Medium green long ovate leaves have a bright gold to white margins. This one likes a little more sun. $8.00
Island Breeze S This brightly colored Hosta features bright yellow leaves with green margins and red stems in Spring. Leaf center changes to chartreuse later in the season or in deep shade..This one sports dark lavender flowers in late June..Very colorful. $13.00
Itty Gold NEW S Very bright little mound of cupped, corrugated, medium gold leaves withlavender flowers on 20 inch scapes in July. Q and Z nursery sport of H.Shade parade. $12.00
Ivory Coast M A beautiful sport of H. Sagae that has a stunning wide, creamy margin that looks great bordering the thick chalky, blue leaves.Very nice! $12.00
Ivory Queen M Features cream-to-white tri-colored foliage with a wide blue-green margin and green dashes between centers and margins.Very showy. Thick, slug-resistant leaves. Pale lavender flowers in midsummer. $14.00
Jabulani M A tissue culture sport of Rich Uncle developed at Q and Z nursery; forms a medium-large mound of roundish gold-centered foliage; name means rejoice in the Zulu language. $14.00
Jack of Diamonds M Thick, dark blue-green leaves with a wide gold margin. We like this one! $13.00
Jade Cascade L Beautiful jade green leaves that cascade downward. Looks great on a slope or in a raised bed . $10.00
Jade Moon M A beautiful jade green sport of H. August Moon. Similiar in size and texture as parent. $13.00
Janet L Yellow to white centers with a dark green edge.Keep this one out of hot sun or the centers will burn. $10.00
Javelin S A beautiful streaked breeder: slightly shiny medium green leaves are streaked with creamy white. Lavender flowers on this fertile H. Lancifolia sport. $28.00
Jaws S This little plant features deep green, very serrated,undulating leaves that are very thick and form a dense, and fast growing, clump. $12.00
Jennifer S A very fast growing, dense clump of dark green leaves with a streaky white margin.Pale lavender Flowers.A Van Wade introduction. $14.00
Jester M This one emerges with blue-green leaves with blotched ,irregular, light green margins and eventually changes to all green later in the season. $7.00
Jewel of the Nile M This one has a very irregular, yellow-gold, margin that surrounds dark green ,thick leaves and sometimes streaks all the way to the center. $12.00
Jiminy Cricket Mini Miniature with small very wavy green leaves and lavender, bell shaped flowers. Introduced by Dick and Jane Ward. $11.00
Jimmy Crack Corn L Bright gold leaves with a very defined, piecrust, edge.very pronounced veins and near white flowers.Makes a large impressive clump and holds its leaves horizontally. $11.00
Jubilee M Another new Hosta from the Wards. This one is a richly variegated medium green with a bright ,creamy white margin. $19.00
June 2001 Hosta Of The Year M This Hosta has gold leaves with a blue and green shaded margins. A very unusual blue sheen over the gold makes passers by stop and marvel at this one! $10.00
June Fever PP15,340 CPBR2850 M A sport of June with brighter golden centers and narrower margins.From Jan van den Top of the Netherlands. $10.00
Junior Miss S Cute little mound of dark green leaves surrounded by a streaky ,white, wavy,margin. Very nice hardy little Hosta for the front of the bed. $8.00
Justine S A small, compact, tetraploid sport of June Fever from Jan van den Top of the Netherlands; thick, gold-centered foliage $15.00
Kabitan S Long leaves are lance shaped . Center coloration varies with amount of sunlight,gold if given more and green if given less. thin dark green margins show up much better with more sun. $6.00
Kabuki M New Hosta with dark green leaves surrounded by a bright white streaky margin. Nice substance and contrast on this new beauty! $12.00
Katherine Lewis M A yellow centered ,blue-green margined sport of H. Halcyon . It is similar to H. June but center fades to a creamy ,off white in summer. Another eye catcher in our garden. $12.00
Katie Q` M Very nice,heart shaped leaves that are slightly wavy with dark green centers and a wide, medium gold margin.Good grower! $10.00
Kifukurin Hyuga M This Hosta features long tapered bright green leaves with a margin that has green and yellow mixed together. $10.00
Kinbotan S Nice little Hosta with medium green leaves with a light gold, streaky and irregular margin.Perfect for troughs or containers. $13.00
King John L This large Hosta features big blue-green leaves with pale lavender flowers in mid-summer.This is an excellent background plant from Jim Schwarz. $10.00
Kiwi Cream Edge S A little lance leaved pale gold hosta with creamy white margins. Fast growing and great as an edger!! $10.00
Kiwi Skyscraper L An outstanding blue hybrid of H. Sagae .It has rich blue leaves on a distinctly upright, immense,mound. Great background plant for bight colored small or medium Hostas. $10.00
Kiwi Treasure Trove L This Hosta features medium green leaves with wide ,streaky ,irregular margins.Lavender bell shaped flowers with purple scapes set almost black seed pods with viable seed. $10.00
Knight`s Journey S-M A fast growing mound of dark green , shiny, leaves with a creamy white margin. Has excellent substance and hardiness. $12.00
Komodo Dragon L Dark green rippled leaves in this huge, upright ,Hosta Can get over 6 feet wide so plan some space for this one! $10.00
Korean Snow S This Hosta has very unusual misted green and white leaves that eventually turn to a shiny, medium green.The flowers are also unusual with narrow petals and bright purple coloration in mid August. A nice show off for the front of the shade garden. $13.00
Krossa Regal XL Beautiful gray-green leaves that are held upright on this classic Hosta.One of the best ones to use in the back of the hosta bed as its form and color make the perfect backdrop for any hosta or shade plant. $7.00
Lacy Belle M A classic upright Hosta with medium green leaves and cream to white wide margins. Very hardy and reliable. $8.00
Lady Godiva M One of the many new sports from Striptease , this one has a dark green center and a creamy white margin. It grows amazingly fast! Large flat mound; light lavender flowers in July. $12.00
Lady In Waiting L This blue-gray beauty forms a large clump of thick ,semi-cupped,rugose leaves and lavender flowers. $10.00
Lakeside Alex Andra M A gold-centered, creamy-margined variegation pattern; easy to grow, but rarely seen; stable form of Lakeside Mom from Mary Chastain. $14.00
Lakeside Baby Face S Very cute little Hosta with dark green leaves and a wide, white irregular margin. This one is perfect for containers or rock gardens! $10.00
Lakeside Black Satin L This Hostas leaves are very dark green and shiny with lavender flowers and piecrust edges. We like to surround it with a bright gold Hosta such as, H.Little Aurora. $12.00
Lakeside Cha Cha M A beautiful gold Hosta that features wavy leaves with a creamy white margin. Very striking! $12.00
Lakeside Coal Miner M This dark beauty has very dark ,shiny green, undulating leaves with dark purple flowers. This is a perfect contrast hosta for golds and variegated Hostas. $10.00
Lakeside Cupid`s Cup S This Hosta forms a small mound 13 x 30 inches with dark green cupped and corrugated leaves with a bright white margin. $16.00
Lakeside Down Sized Mini Very dense miniature with dark green centers and a streaky creamy, margin.Perfect for containers! $15.00
Lakeside Dragonfly M Cascading ,pointed blue-green leaves surrounded by a thick ,white ,margin make this one a real attention getter! $13.00
Lakeside Hazy Morn M` This one forms a 16 x 36 inch mound of blue green leaves with a crisp white margin.Pale lavender flowers on 30 inch scapes in July. Nice contrast between leaf and margin on this one.. $16.00
Lakeside Hoola Hoop S This small Hosta has rippled ,lance shaped leaves with a streaky creamy margin.Form and color combine to make this an outstanding small plant. $13.00
Lakeside Iron Man M This one forms a medium sized mound of dark green ,smooth leaves with a rippled margin.Thick substance and very thick mound habit make this an outstanding Hosta! $15.00
Lakeside Kaleidoscope M Medium to dark green leaves are surrounded with a bright white, wavy, margin. Gray-green streaks in the center make this a real eye catcher for the passer by. $10.00
Lakeside Keepsake S This little Hosta reaches13 x 27 inches with 8 x 7 inch leaves that are dark green with a 1.5 inch creamy white margin.Pale lavender flowers in July. Very Showy. $12.00
Lakeside Legal Tender S-M A smaller version of H.Frances Williams that is reported to have a lesser tendancy to burn. $10.00
Lakeside Meadow Ice S Small clump with dark green leaves and bright white margins . Very nice contrast from this Hosta. $15.00
Lakeside Midnight Miss M A medium sized mound of rippled, dark green foliage; good vigor; purple flowers; Mary Chastain hybrid out of Lakeside Black Mama & Lakeside Looking Glass $9.00
Lakeside Old Smokey M A new richly colored blue from Mary Chastain`s breeding program. This one has thick substance and a fast growth rate. $15.00
Lakeside Party Dress M Ruffled lime green to gold leaves with a creamy white margin. Leaves cascade to resemble a ragged party dress. Very interesting and colorful! $17.00
Lakeside Prophecy Fulfilled M A white edged sport of the popular hosta Lakeside Prophecy, gorgeous green pebbled leaves with an irregular white margin. $17.00
Lakeside Ripples L This Hosta features a huge mound of dark green, heavily rippled leaves that can get up to 13 inches long. Great as a specimen or in the back of the bed. $16.00
Lakeside Rocky Top Mini Medium green leaves and a white margin on this ruffled beauty. $15.00
Lakeside Sparkle Plenty S A curios little gold-green hosta that has a brassy color if given more sun.It does seem to have a sparkle about it! $14.00
Lakeside Zesty Zeno M A 14 x 31 inch mound of bright green leaves with a creamy white margin.Purplish red petioles really stand out in this color combination. Lavender flowers on 30 inch scapes in late July. $16.00
Last Dance L Medium ,green leaves with a striking ,wide gold margin. Fast grower! $12.00
Leading Lady L Dark green leaves with a creamy ,white, margin. This one has an upright growth pattern and is a great specimen or back of the border Hosta. $10.00
Lemon Frost S A white edged sport of H.` Lemon Lime`. Very bright edger or container plant! $10.00
Lemon Zest S Forms a small mound of 5 by 2 1/2 inch wide; bright gold foliage; narrow, wavy, smooth texture. Pale purple flowers on foot tall scapes in August.Q & Z Nursery hybrid of Shining Tot X Gold Regal (2009 AHS registration) $12.00
Lemontini S A compact, small-sized mound of bright gold foliage; Mark Zilis hybrid of a gold sport of Blue Dimples X Shining Tot (2009 AHS registration) $11.00
Leola Fraim M Slightly cupped leaves with a dark green center and a wide, gold to white margin. Funnel shaped,lavender flowers in July. $10.00
Liberty L Thick leaves with a wider more pronounced margin than its parent plant H. Sagae .A mature specimen is breathtaking! $13.00
Lil` Abner M This one has a medium green center with an unusual, brassy, gold, colored edge. We find this one to be a really good grower. Lavender flowers in July. $11.00
Lime Regal M-L A Gold Regal X Blue Vision hybrid selected for its attractive, lime green foliage color and good growth rate (M. Zilis, 2009 AHS registration). $13.00
Lime Ripple M This new hosta from Ed Schultz is a wonderful lime gold color with large heart-shaped leaves that are nicely rippled. It is a sturdy plant that will make a strong statement in morning sun. It is an early bloomer and good breeder. $14.00
Lime Smoothie L This beauty features waxy,green leaf centers with a broad lime green margin that turns creamy white later in the season. Nice light lavender flowers in early July. $12.00
Lime Zest S This Hosta forms an 8 inch high by 20 inch wide, dense mound of bright green foliage; leaves 4 inches long by 2 ¾ inches wide; Medium purple flowers in mid to late August. $10.00
Limetini S A compact small mound of foliage that emerges bright yellow, but quickly changes to lime green; Mark Zilis hybrid of a gold sport of Blue Dimples X Shining Tot (2009 AHS). $11.00
Limey Lisa S Very small and compact. Lime green leaves add another dimension to a rock garden or container. $8.00
Linda Sue M A sport from Van Wade that comes from H. Frances Williams . It has a much wider gold marginand very thick substance. We wanted this one when we saw it on the Baxter video! $13.00
Little Black Scapes M Very interesting seedling of H. Sum and Substance. Bright green,heart shaped, leaves with odd black scapes topped with lavender flowers.Not as big as its parent. $12.00
Little Miss Muffet Mini A cute little chartreuse to gold mini with heart shaped leaves with good substance and lavender flowers in late June. $10.00
Little Starlet NEW S A bright small mound of 5 x 3 inch leaves that are richly colored yellow to chartreuse in the center with a 1/8 inch pure, white margin. It is a sport of H. Little Miss Magic from Q and Z nursery. $13.00
Little Sunspot S Nice little Hosta that features gold leaf centers with a wide ,streaky,dark green, margin.Perfect for the container or rock garden! $10.00
Little Treasure P.P.A.F S This sport of H. Little Jay features lance shaped ,white centered , leaves with a wide blue margin. Forms a thick clump of lavender flowers in June. $11.00
Little Wonder S Tight little mound of dark green leaves surrounded by a creamy white, streaky,margin.Bright little Hosta! $7.00
Lollapalooza M We had to get this one for the name but it turned out to be much more than that! Big bright green leaves surrounded by gold to cream margins that streak to the center.Very pretty! $18.00
Lothar The Giant L A new large thick ,slug resistant green from Indiana Bob.Otstanding rich green color! $17.00
Lovely Loretta M Medium gold Hosta with pointed ,wavy, leaves. It shoots up some unusually tall scapes for a shorter type plant! Great grower, spreads quickly! $12.00
Mad About Blue M This Hosta features intensely blue-green foliage in a medium-sized mound; hybrid of Frances Williams X (Marilyn X Tardiflora) (Mark Zilis, 2009 AHS registration) $14.00
Majestic L A nice introduction from Randy Goodwin that has shiny,dark green leaves with a bold , white, streaky margin.Very beautiful as a specimen plant. $12.00
Majordomo M This Hosta features 11 x 5 inch leaves that start out an intense metallic blue and gradually change to a rich ,shiny dark green. Red petioles and white flowers on 19 scapes in early August. $20.00
Malabar S A nice small Hosta that forms a 12 x 32 inch mound of 8 x 4 inch green leaves with a streaky, frosty white, margin. $15.00
Mariachi L This Mark Zilis reversed sport of H Guacamole forms a large mound of 10 x 8 inch leaves that are medium green with a 1/2 inch gold margin.Fragrant lavender flowers on 30 to 40 inch scapes in mid August. $20.00
Marilyn M Medium sized mound of bright yellow leaves. Great for highlighting a walkway or in front of a big blue or green Hosta $8.00
Marilyn Monroe M A lovely Hosta with light green ,unruly twisted leaves with white backs, and sharp pointed tips, supported by red petioles. It also has lovely, tubular, lavender flowers. $12.00
Martini S This little Hosta grows10 inches by 21 inches and has wavy, dark green leaves that are 5 x 3 1/2 iches. It features pale purple flowers on 18 inch scapes in August. $11.00
Mary Marie Ann S Unusal coloration on this one!Curly gray-green leaves with a misted whitish green center. Best color is in the spring.Great plant for collectors! $10.00
Master Of Ceremonies M-L A large 22 x 62 inch mound of 12 x 10.5 inch dark green leaves with a 1.5 inch gold margin.Near white flowers in mid June. $20.00
May M An all gold form of H. `June`.It has a glaucous bloom on both sides of the leaf. A bright one in the spring! $10.00
Middle Ridge M Dark green,twisted leaves with a narrow white center and an occaisional yellow streak between them.Named after a road in Ohio. $6.00
Midnight Ride L A black-green sport of H.`Paul Revere`.Excellent background plant to bring color to the front. $8.00
Midwest Magic M Big round golden leaves with a nice dark green margin, Shiny on top with glaucous undersides. $11.00
Miki M-L Nice open clump with gold leaves that are slightly wavy and pointed on the ends. $14.00
Mini Skirt Mini This petite hosta forms a miniature mound of very wavy, thick,blue-green leaves with creamy yellow to white margins. It has pale lavender flowers with deep purple stripes.This one is a great container or front edger hosta. $15.00
Mint Julep L Leaves get 8 inches long and 6 inches wide on this dark green beauty with creamy white margins.All around plant can be used as a specimen or in the middle of the Hosta bed. $12.00
Minute Man M This sport of H. Francee, rivals its cousin H. Patriot. It has brighter margins and thicker foliage but don`t make me choose between the two! $7.00
Minutini Mini A cute little 6 x 20 inch mound of 2.5 X 2 ich medium green, oval shaped leaves.Has pale lavender flowers on 13 inch scapes in late August..A Q and Z Nursery introduction. $12.00
Miss Linda Smith M This Hosta forms a 16 by 30 inch mound of blue grey leaves with deep purple petioles.It has light purple flowers on purple scapes in late July.. $15.00
Miss Saigon M This Hosta is dark green with a bright white margin. This sport of H.Fragrant Bouquet, is a fast grower with near white flowers in late summer. $14.00
Mississippi Delta L This Hosta features round,big blue leaves that are thick and slightly wavy on this 56 x 32 inch beauty!Nearly white flowers on 42 inch scapes. $16.00
Mister Watson L A sport of H. King Tut . Bright yellow center surrounded by a wide green margin. $11.00
Mojito M-L A new all green sport of H. Avocado. Nice shiny emerald green leaves with thick substance and sweet fragrant flowers. A perfect companion to H. Cerveza. $12.00
Monsoon M-L A green-margined sport of Great Lakes Gold from Dick and Jane Ward (2005 AHS registration); striking specimen plant $19.00
Montreal Blue Ice Storm XL Beautiful giant Blue from Van Wade.Really creates a showstopping ,Icy blue spectacle. $20.00
Moon Glow M This one has green-gold leaves with a thin ,crisp, white ,margin. $10.00
Moon Lily M This hosta has nice, thick, cupped, golden leaves with great substance and slug resistance! $11.00
Moon River S A charming little Hosta with dark blue-green leaves with a yellow to white margin.Forms a dense clump! $10.00
Moon Shadow S Small long leaves have a gold center and a green margin. Looks great in front of large golds like H.` August Moon`. $10.00
Mount Tom L Really nice! Intense blue leaves have a wide creamy white margin.This is a real showy one! $11.00
My Claire S A beautiful small clump with medium green leaves and a wide yellow margin that fades to cream in the later season. Quite attractive! $12.00
My Cup Of Tea M This Hosta forms an 18 by 36 inch mound of 9x 6 inch leaves that are chartreuse to gold centered with a 1/4 inch wide creamy yellow, wavy margin.This one has pale lavender flowers on 20 inch scapes in July. $15.00
My Marianne M A beautiful mound forming clump of medium green leaves surrounded with a crisp white margin.Fast grower! $15.00
Mystic Star S A beautiful small blue from Greg Johnson that has intense color, great substance and hardiness. $18.00
Naked lady M A reverse Sport of H. Gypsy Rose with long pointed ,leaves.Dark green center with a wide creamy margin. $20.00
Neat Splash Rim M Dark green leaves with a streaky white margin.Grows well and makes a nice clump when mature. Another,Oldy But Goody! $10.00
Neptune L Put the Hosta Description here $0.00
Neptune pp19674 L This unique and beautiful Hosta features long, narrow cascading leaves that are bright blue in the spring.and changing to blue- green in Summer.This hosta has lavender flowers on scapes that also cascade..Very attractive! $15.00
Niagara Falls L Long ,dark green ,heart shaped leaves with an awesome, pie crust edge. A Must Have, green Hosta! $14.00
Nifty Fifty M-L Blue green leaf with a yellow-chartreuse margin, sport of Dorothy Benedict $14.00
Night Shift L A Dennis Savory sport of Daybreak that has a bright gold center and a dark green,wavy, margin.A show stopper. $15.00
Nightlife M I thought my nightlife had ended but maybe not! This one comes from Mark Zillis. It is reputed to have the best traits from both of it parents ,H. Invincible and H.Elegans. Thick substance, fragrant flowers , nice blue-green color and great hardiness! $13.00
Nigrescens XL An extra large classic that has long thick stems that hold seersuckered,blue-gray leaves. One of the best background Hostas to date! $10.00
None Lovelier M Nice medium green leaves that are rippled with a half inch wide creamy yellow margin. Known for its great color and form. $12.00
Obsession M Sport of H. Sparkling Burgundy, with medium green leaves with a very dark green irregular margin.A collectors Hosta. $13.00
Ogon Tachi M A semi-upright mound that measures 20 by 39.It has11 x 6 golden leaves with purple flowers on 58 inch scapes in August. An ornamental plus from Japan often listed as H. rectifolia ogon $13.00
Old Glory L Beautiful sport of H.Glory.This fast grower features heart shaped golden leaves that are surrounded with a thick ,dark green, rippled edge.Lavender flowers in mid-summer.This is a sure-fire attention getter! $12.00
Olive Bailey Langdon L This Hosta is often compared to H.Frances Williams. Has better glaucous bloom and displays full color later which helps to deterr burning. $9.00
On The Border M An 18 x 30 inch mound of shiny, dark green, 8 x 5.5 in leaves with a creamy white to yellow margin.Pale lavender flowers in late August. Striking. $11.00
One Man`s Treasure M This Hosta has very shiny, dark green leaves that are slightly rippled on purple, speckled ,petioles. Even the flowers and seed pods are purple. $12.00
Orion`s Belt M A striking Hosta from the Wards.It has shiny ,dark green centers with a wide ,streaky white margin. $12.00
Oshima Silk S This small mound features leaves that are 7 inches long by 4 1/2 inches wide; medium green center with a ¼ inch wide, heavily rippled, white margin; white underside. $25.00
Ovalwood M-L This Hosta features 11 X 9 inch blue green, heavily puckered leaves.It has pure white flowers in July.A Doug Beilstein hybrid from H. Inniswood. $13.00
Paradigm L 2007 hosta Of The Year! This one has large, gold leaves with a wide blue-green margin Another Must Have,for the Hosta garden. $10.00
Paradise Power L Large ,beautiful clump of dark green, pointed leaves edged with a thin golden yellow margin. $12.00
Parhelion XL A beautiful sport of H.Sum and Substance with a cream colored edge.Very huge and showy! $13.00
Parky`s Prize M This sport of H. Birchwood Parky`s Gold has bright green leaves with a crisp bright yellow margin. Very showy color! $8.00
Pathfinder M Leaves on this one are very thick with bright white speckled centers and a dark green ,streaky margin. Looks great in front of large ,solid colored Hostas. $11.00
Patriot M 1997 Hosta Of The Year bright green leaves with a wide creamy white margin. Sport of H. Francee. $7.00
Patriot`s Fire M Has a gold leaf with irregular patches of green and a white margin. Unusual coloration on this one. $9.00
Paul`s Glory 1999 Hosta Of The Year M Bright gold,heart shaped leaves with a blue-green margin.Leaves fade to a parchment white if given more sun. $6.00
Peace S This small Hosta features blue green leaf centers with a wide streaky, creamy margin that has a lighter green between the two colors.Very pretty and hardy! $11.00
Peacock feathers M-L This seedling of Gold Regal X Blue Vision represents a breeding breakthrough in hosta flowering, originally selected for its bright blue foliage. Then it flowered!! Surprisingly, each flower bore extra petals, ranging from 7 to 15 per flower. $13.00
Pearl Lake M An attractive mound of gray-green to green heart shaped leaves topped with a dense cluster of lavender flowers in mid-July. $5.00
Pearly Gates M From the Beilsteins.This Hosta features leaves that are 10 inches long by 6 inches wide; dark green center with a 1.25 inch wide, creamy yellow, streaky margin ;Gets 17 inches high by 38 inches at maturity. $15.00
Percy M Nice upright Hosta with a wide creamy margin. Great to understory with! $10.00
Peter The Rock M-L This Hosta has large waxy green leaves with deep veining. It is said to tolerate dry conditions. Big white flowers on this one. $10.00
Pewterware S A nice little silver-blue Hosta with thick substance and lightly rippled edges. $15.00
Pie a la Mode NEW M-L A striking sport of H.Color a la Mode From Q and Z.Big 10 inch dark green leaves are surrounded with a 3/4 inch yellow margin on an oval shaped blade. Very showy. $15.00
Piecrust Promise XL Green Piecrust sport discovered by Peter Cross; like its mother plant, Piecrust Promise develops into a large mound of foliage with heavily rippled foliagewith light green leaves with medium to dark green margins. $20.00
Piedmont Gold L Beautiful bright gold Hosta with deep veins and twisted tips. One of our favorite golds! $10.00
Pilgrim S Cute little classic with gray-green leaves and a wide ,irregular,creamy-white margin.Great for the front of the border! $5.00
Pilgrim Streak M A beautiful streaked version of H.Pilgrim from Jim Anderson. Medium green leaves with cream and yellow streaks.It is fertile and is an excellent pod parent. $30.00
Pineapple Juice M An all gold form of H.Pineapple Upsidedowncake. $10.00
Planet X M This one forms a 17 by 34 inch mound of 7 x 6 1/2 inch intense, blue-green, thick, cupped leaves.Pale lavender flowers on 18 inch scapes in July. A seedling from Emile and Jane Deckert. $20.00
Plantaginea L This Hosta forms a mound that is 24 by 60 inches.It has light green ,shiny leaves that are smooth textured and get 11 x 7inches.It is best known for the fragrant, 6 inch flowers that it produces on 30 inch scapes in August. $10.00
Plantangea Aphrodite L Huge light green leaves that are very shiny.If that isn`t enough add huge white ,fragrant flowers to the recipie! Holds up well in dry conditions and grows in to a large ,impressive, clump. $10.00
Platinum Tiara S This Hosta features pale greenish-gold leaf with a crisp white margin.A must for the Tiara collector. Sport of H.Golden Scepter.Dark lavender flowers in summer. $8.00
Plug Nickle Mini A cute little shiny ,dark green mini from Bob Solberg.Nice little puple flowers in mid-summer. $12.00
Potomac Pride L Beautiful dark green leaves that are shiny with very thick substance. Great growth rate and hardiness! $9.00
Prairie Dawn M-L This Hosta has leaves 8 inches long by 5 1/2 inches wide, green in the center with a 1 inch wide gold to creamy margin; slightly corrugated; good substance. It is a variegated hybrid of Gold Regal X Blue Vision developed at Q and Z nursery . $14.00
Prairie Dazzler M A golden beauty from Q and Z nursery breeding program; 2000 hybrid of Gold Regal X Blue Vision (M. Zilis, 2009 AHS registration. $11.00
Prairie Fire S-M This Hosta comes from a H. Gold Regal x a golden Tokudama seedling from Bob Kuk. $16.00
Prairie Magic M A nice medium sized gold Hosta with deep veins and a slightly wavy margin. The gold intensifies as the season progresses. Fast growth on this beauty. $15.00
Prairie Sky S Hans Hansen hybrid from H. Blue Jay with nicely cupped powder-blue leaves topped with pale lavender flowers in midsummer. Makes a tight clump. $12.00
Prairie Sum Shine L This is a smaller version of H. Sum and Substance from the Illinois Prairie Hosta Society. $16.00
Prairie Sunset M-L This Hosta forms an 18 x 40 inch mound of rich golden leaves with a green margin.It is a sport of H. Prairie Fire from Q and Z nursery. $20.00
Praying Hands S Very unique Hosta with long ,twisted, dark green leaves with a thin gold margin.Great for a front row specimen. $12.00
Precious Metal S This small mound will reach 7 by 16 inches with 3 x 1 1/2 inch golden leaves.It is a sport of the fast growing H. Lakeside Down Sized found at Q and Z Nursery. $16.00
Pretty Peggy M Dick and Jane Ward hybrid of White Vision X H. montana macrophylla; outstanding bright gold color in a medium-sized mound. $16.00
Puddles and Bumps M A Mark Zilis cross between H. rectifolia Ogon Tachi X Lily Pad . It forms a mound 14inches high by 32 inches wide of 7 by 4 inch ; shiny, dark green; leaves with many distinct corrugated depressions throughout the blade. $15.00
Purple And Gold S Nice little classic with oblong, yellow-gold leaves with purple petioles ,scapes, and flowers. A great edger! $7.00
Purple Lady Fingers S A neat little green Hosta that has long ,narrow leaves and purple flowers that do not open. $6.00
Queen Josephine M Shiny dark green leaves with a yellow-gold margin. very striking when mature! $8.00
Queen Of The Seas L A beautiful blue Hosta that has Heart shaped leaves with a heavily serrated edge. Very Striking! $15.00
Quilting Bee S A very cute little green hosta that features heavily quilted leaves.Very different! $10.00
Radiant Edger S Nice little edger with A dark green center surrounded by a wide gold margin.Very bright with a little more sun. $7.00
Radiant Star S A lovely Dark centered sport of Radiant Edger $14.00
Radio Waves M A very showy mound of dark green narrow leaves that are curly and twisted. Has a gold center in early spring. This is a very interesting Hosta! $13.00
Rain Dancer L A beautiful sport of H.Blue Umbrellas. Same Huge blue leaves with a bonus of a 2 inch wide chartreuse to yellow margin.This one gets huge like it`s parent so make some room! $10.00
Rainbows End S A very showy small Hosta that has thick ,Lance shaped,leaves with a bright gold center and an irregular streaky ,dark green margin. $12.00
Rebecca NEW M-L This H. Marilyn x Tardiflora seedling becomes a vigorous clump of bright gold , smoot textured, wavy,leaves.Pale lavender flowers form in July on 30 inch scapes. $12.00
Rebel Heart M This new Hosta forms a 15 x 36 inch semi-upright clump of 7 x 5 inch blue-green leaves with a gold margin that changes to creamy white.Pale lavender flowers on 16 inch scapes top this Hosta that comes to us from Bridgewood Gardens. $20.00
Red Hot Flash S New hosta with red petioles and scapes and a yellow to creamy white center with an olive green ,wide edge. A very striking tetraploid of H. Pee Dee Gold Flash. $15.00
Red October M This Hosta has shiny green ,pointed leaves with long stems that are red. $11.00
Regal Rhubarb L Nice large ,upright Hosta with green leaves and maroon to red stems.Striking! $9.00
Regal Splendor 2003 Hosta Of The Year L A white edged sport of the classic H.Krossa Regal. Very showy and hardy. $10.00
Regal Tot NEW Mini A very cute little mini that forms a 6 inch x 17 inch mound of chartreuse, slightly cupped and corrugated leaves that become more gold as the season progresses. Pale purple flowers form on14 inch scapes. $13.00
Remember Me S This beautiful Hosta transitions through the seasons,emerging in bright yellow with blue-green margins in Spring then changing to a creamy center with darkgreen margins in the Summer.Funds from this Hosta go to support the fight against breast cancer. $13.00
Reptillian L This Hosta is very unusual because it combines puckered,semicupped,thick leaves with a piecrust edge! Add gray green leaves and red petioles and you have got a great specimen Hosta. $11.00
Revolution PPAF M A very interesting sport of H. Loyalist that has a creamy white center with mottled flecks of green surrounded by a dark green streaky margin. Very Unique! $10.00
Rhinestone Cowboy M Very showy slightly rippled ,chartreuse leaves with a nice white margin. Great substance and color from this one. $15.00
Rhythm & Blues M Dense mound of twisted,narrow, strap like leaves that are blue to blue-green. $13.00
Rich Uncle M This Hosta forms a thick mound of 10 inch x 7 inch, shiny, bright golden, leaves with thick substance,Near white flowers in late June. $13.00
Richmond M This Hosta forms a mounding habit with medium green leaves with a bright ,white margin. $7.00
Rickrack S-M This one has very twisted and rippled green leaves with an amazing piecrust edge. Forms very deep purple flowers in July. $12.00
Riptide L This 20 inch tall,beauty feature flat,blue-green, leaves that are heavily corrugated with white backs. Lavender flowers on 2 foot scapes in late summer. $12.00
Risky Business M White centered sport of H. Striptease .Mature specimens have a twisted leaf tip. Great vigor and growth rate. $15.00
Robert Frost L Broad heart shaped leaves edged with a wide,streaky-white margin.A definite Classic! $10.00
Robin Hood M Very different coloration on this subtle beauty! Medium green leaves are surrounded by a dark blue-green margin. Very thick substance and heavy corrugation. We like its subtle distinction! $17.00
Robin of Loxley M-L An all blue sport of Jim Schwarzs Robin Hood; Its name stems from the supposed birthplace of the legendary Robin Hood. $11.00
Rock Island Line. S Small plant that gets aroun 6 inches tall and 15 inches wide.Leaves are 2 inches long by one inch wide. Very bright ,creamy white margin surrounds a medium green center.Great for the container or front of the bed. $14.00
Rock Of Gibraltar M Nice medium sized mound of blue green, Cupped, corrugated, foliage. Qand Z sport of H. Chain Lightning .Blooms white flowers in July. $13.00
Rohdeifolia M-S This upright plant has a narrow green leaf with a cream margin & lavender flowers.Very hardy. $6.00
Roller Coaster Ride S A small ,dense mound of heavily rippled ,green leaves with a creamy white margin.Purple flowers on tall scapes in August. This one is great for adding texture to the front of the border. $15.00
Rosedale Golden Goose L` Outstanding bright gold Hosta from Jerry Hadrava. Great sun tolerance reported from this big gold also. $14.00
Roy Klehm ppaf L A beautiful upright vase shaped habit on this Hosta.Horizontal leaves are gold with a wide dark to medium green margin.This one is a winner! $20.00
Royal Charm M A medium clump of fast growing ,light green to chartreuse,heart shaped leaves. Makes a great contrast plant! $8.00
Royal Flush M Green leaves with a nice wide, yellow-gold edge. The gold streaks into the center on some of the leaves making a very interesting contrast! $11.00
Royal Tiara S-VS A very unusual Hosta with twisted, bright white leaves surrounded with a dark green margin with some yellow highlights.A collectors must Have! $12.00
Royalty S A small Hosta that has an upright habit with gold ,wavy.leaves and dark purple flowers. $6.00
Ruffled Mouse Ears Mini A Green sport of H. Blue Mouse Ears that has thick, ruffled, and rippled leaves. Discovered by Q And Z Nursery. Puple flowers on 10 inch scapes in July. $15.00
Sacremento L This Hosta forms a large, impressive mound of 12X10 inch leaves that are dark green,with a 1/2 to 1 inch bright gold margin. A sport of H. Sutters Mill developed at Q And Z Nursery.Stunning. $15.00
Sagae XL 2000 Hosta Of The Year .Vase shaped growth pattern with blue -green,frosty, leaves and a rippled gold margin. A mature Sagae will stop any Hostaholic in their tracks! $10.00
Saketini S 9 inch high by 20 wide; compact mound of medium green leaves. Fast growth rate. $11.00
Salute S-M This distinctive Hosta forms a clump of narrow, blue, twisted, erect, leaves that has a very upright growth pattern.One of my personal favorites! $12.00
Sandhill Crane S This small upright Hosta features long, medium green leaves with a white margin.This one is distinctive! $16.00
Sara`s Gold M-L This new sport of H. Saras Sensation forms a 20 inch high by 45 inch wide mound of thick ,slug resistant gold leaves that are 11 inches long by 9 inches wide. Has near white flowers in late June. $15.00
Sara`s Sensation L This one grows to 22 by 50 inches.It features12 x 10 inch leaves that are blue green centered with a 3 1/2 inch golden margin. A sport of H. Frances Williams from Paul and Linda Hofer. $12.00
Satisfaction L Dark green center surrounded by a wide gold, wavy edge. Very nice color contrast from this sport of Piedmont Gold discovered by Bridgewood Gardens. $12.00
Savannah L Upright mound of shiny green leaves with white margins and white flowers.Fast growth habit. $7.00
Scarlet Ribbons M A beautiful combination of green , white margined foliage,deep purple flowers and red petioles from Ed Elslager. $20.00
Sea Dream M Light green leaves that turn a bright gold with a creamy,white margin.Just the right Hosta to brighten up that dark spot in the shade garden. $7.00
Sea Ebony M-L A large mound of shiny, dark green leaf color; near-white flowers; underrated and rarely seen Mildred Seaver introduction $12.00
Second Wind M This dark green sport of H. Whirlwind offers 9 x 6 inch leaves that are very shiny.Lavender flowers on 30 inch scapes in July. Not just another green Hosta! $9.00
See Saw S-M Small dark green leaves with a bright white margin.Some puckering and a fast growth rate! $5.00
September Sun M Rugose round leaves are gold with a dark green margin.White flowers in late summer. Good reliable Hosta. $10.00
Serendipity S Medium sized mound of blue-green foliage.Abundant funnel-shaped lavender flowers on 28 inch to 36 inch scapes in late June. $5.00
Serendipity Singer S A gold centered sport of Serendipity from Rick Goodenough .It forms a dense, small mound of foliage and has an excellent growth rate. 7 by 18 inches wide with 4 inch long by 2 inch wide; gold centered with a narrow, dark green margin. $20.00
Sergeant Pepper M Green centered with a light green to gold edge. thick wavy leaves and good sun tolerance. Nice subtle contrast. $17.00
Shade Fanfare M Nice bright green leaves with a creamy white border topped with lavender flowers in summer $8.00
Shade Finale S A small Hosta that has dark green, shiny leaves that are surrounded with a bright, creamy margin $17.00
Shade Master L Bright gold colored leaves that stay gold even in the shade! $8.00
Shade Parade Mini This one makes a tight little clump of greenish -yellow leaves with a creamy white margin. Great for containers or a bright edger! $15.00
Shadiowland Autumn Frost M This Proven Winner forms a medium sized mound of showy, frosty blue, leaves with a wide, bright yellow margins. The margins change to a creamy white in Summer and it develops light lavender flowers. $14.00
Sherborne Swallow S-M This Hosta forms a dense clump of 5x 4 inch, blue green leaves.It has pale blue flowers on 18 inch scapes.It is the last of the Tardianas to be introduced by Eric Smith and is pretty rare in the trade.. $18.00
Shereborn Swift S A beautiful small mound of thick ,deep blue,heart shaped, leaves.One of the harder to find Hostas of the series. $10.00
Shiro Tama Nishiki M This Japanese Hosta has round ,bright green leaves with fragrant off-white flowers. $12.00
Shogun L Semi-cupped leaves that have dark green centers and an irregular white margin. $8.00
Silk Kimono L Medium geen rippled leaves with a bright creamy edge. The leaves have a silky appearance . Upright powerful growth habit. $12.00
Silver Bay M A nice Hosta from Don Dean .It has good blue-green color, thick corrugation and unruly habit..It develops pale purple flowers on 24 inch scapes in early summer. $15.00
Silver Eagle M A sport of H. Striptease with a misted silver center and a thin white outline. Very unusual markings. $15.00
Silver Mine Dwarf A lovely little mound of 1/12 by 7/8 inch leaves that are green with white misting early in the season.Green color increases as the season progresses.It produces pale lavender flowers on 15 inch scapes in July. A collectors must have! $25.00
Silver Star M This Hosta is an upright mound of green centered, white edged foliage that makes that perfect specimen plant for any shade garden. $20.00
Silvermist M This Hosta forms a 18 by 42 inch mound of intense ,blue-green,foliage covered with thick bloom on the leaf underside. Very thick substance. Another great Bob Balitewicz introduction! $20.00
Smash Hit M This is a new stunning sport of H. Orange Marmalade from Q and Z Nursery. It has wider green margins and a center that changes fronm chartreuse to bright gold. It forms pale lavender flowers in late July. $19.00
Smokey Mountains S A small Hosta with smokey blue foliage, rugose leaves look like mountain fog; a H. King of Spades X open pollinated seedling from Doug Beilstein. $15.00
So Sweet 1996 Hosta Of The Year M Sun tolerant glossy green leaves with a wide ,streaky ,white margin.Large fragrant white flowers in late summer. $7.00
Something Blue M Nice rugose blue green leaves that are slightly wavy and cascading. $9.00
Sparkling Burgundy M Purple petioles and scapes on this upright vase shaped Hosta. Dark green, wavy leaves and great growth rate make this one a must for the collector. $9.00
Spartacus L This Hosta has large medium green leaves with a rippled gold edge.Very showy for the back of the border. $12.00
Spartan Glory M Beautiful Hosta features medium green leaves with a wide creamy ,white margin. Very nice contrast with the bonus of being a fast grower! $19.00
Spellbound M Apple green leaf centers are surrounded by creamy yellow margins . Very bright,heavily corrugated and somewhat unruly leaves. We really likr this one! $17.00
Spinach Patch L Large mound of round, dark green, leaves that are heavily corrugated and have the look and color of spinach; nice white flowers in late July. A classic Hosta. $10.00
Spinach Souffle M A nice 14 x 30 inch mound of 8 inch long by 8 inch wide; deep green center leaves; wide, gold margins; corrugated with pale lavender flowers in July. $20.00
Spinners L Very large plant when mature. Dark green with a creamy white edge. Lavender flowers. Named for a nursery in England. $6.00
Spring Fling M This Hosta features 11 inch long by 8 inch wide medium green leaves with a creamy white, rippled edge.Mature plants are quite striking! $14.00
Spritzer M Long, pointed,shiny, yellow to chartreuse leaves have an irregular, dark green margin.Very showy and different! $9.00
Squire Rich L A nice large golden Hosta With an upright form. Fast grower! $10.00
St. Paul M Gold to off -white centers surrounded by a thick, blue-green margin.This one is a sport of the popular H. Paul`s Glory. $13.00
Stained Glass L 2006 Hosta Of The Year .Big, bright, shiny gold leaves and a green ,streaky, margin.Deep veins and fast growth rate. A must have for any Hosta person that appreciates a realy beautiful Hosta! $12.00
Stardust L Bright gold leaves with a wavy margin and an upright growth habit make this new Hosta a winner! $12.00
Star-kissed L A sport of H.Stardust.This one has a yellow margin with a center that changes from light to medium green later in the season.leaves are sligjtly wavy. $18.00
Starship M A new TC sport of H. Captian Kirk that has bright gold centers with half inch creamy white margins. $13.00
Steffi M A sport of Saint Elmos Fire from noted plant collector and nursery owner Viktoria Serafin; selected for its dramatic color changes and deep green center color; $18.00
Step Sister M-L A new sport of H.Sunlight Sister.This one features a golden center with thin green margins. $18.00
Stepping Out M Thick blue-green centers surrounded with a pronounced gold margin. Slug resistant! $14.00
Stolen Ability M This is a fast growing hosta that has 9 x 6 green leaves with purple-red petioles and bright purple flowers in August. $10.00
Stolen Kiss Mini A cute mini with golden centers and bright green margins! $15.00
Stormy Seas L A 26 x 52 inch clump of 10.5 x 7.5 inch blue ,unruly, corrugated leaves.Pale lavender flowers on 30 inch scapes in mid summer. $21.00
Strawberry Yogurt S Forms a nice little dense clump of medium green, shiny ,rippled and twisted leaves with red dotted petioles. $12.00
Striptease M 2005 Hosta Of The Year. Very unusual coloration! Dark green leaves with a creamy, off-white center that is encircled by a thin white line. Fast grower and a spectacular mature specimen! $13.00
Sugar and Spice M A nice white margined sport of the classic H.Invincible.Same shiny leaves , fragrant flowers, and fast growth rate. $14.00
Sugar Snap M Forms a mound 22 x 48 of x 8 inch Dark green,cupped and corrugated leaves with a gold margin. a striking sport of gold-leaved Sweet Sunshine from Bob Solberg $18.00
Sum and Substance XL 2004 Hosta Of The Year .Huge, shiny gold-green leaves with thick substance. This one can grow to immense size! $9.00
Sum Cup -o- Joe L/XL An unusual sport of H. Sum and Substance . Streaky greenish-gold leaves have a thin , crisp, white margin. If you are looking for an unusal huge Hosta , this is the answer! $15.00
Summer Breeze L This sport of H. Summer Music has medium green ,heart shaped leaves with a very wide creamy-gold margin.Very striking! $10.00
Summer Fragrance L Medium green leaves with a white margin. Fragrant lavender flowers in late summer. This is one of the earliest Hostas to wake up in the spring for us! $9.00
Summer Lovin M A sport Of H. Summer Breeze that has a darker green center and a more pronounced yellow to cream margin. Very striking! $13.00
Summer Music M Bright white centers surrounded by bright green streaky margin with creamy yellow accents. Very showy! $10.00
Sun Kissed M Bright gold leaves with a white margin. Has fragrant white flowers in mid-summer. A sport of H. Sweet Sunshine . $17.00
Sun Power L Very bright gold leaves that are pointed and wavy. Good sun-tolerance from this one. $8.00
Sunny Disposition M Bright greenish-yellow foliage and great sun tolerance make this one a great candidate for those sunnier areas. $16.00
Sunnybrook M Very thick and round blue-green leaves with a wide creamy white margin.Slug resistant. $11.00
Sunshine Glory L Heavily pebbled bright green-gold leaves with a nice crisp white margin. Thick substance and semi cupped leaves with a striking color combination! $13.00
Surf`s Up M-L This Hosta forms a 19 by 45 inch mound of thick ,golden leaves.Pale lavender flowers on 30 inch scapes on this H.Lakeside Beach Captain sport. $16.00
Surfer Girl Mini A miniature H. venusta type Hosta with green rippled foliageand purple flowers on 18 inch scapes. This one comes to us from Chick Wasitis. $10.00
Sutter`s Mill XL Huge gold Hosta that is a gold version of H Big John. Make some room for this one! $19.00
Sweet Home Chicago M Sport of the popular H. Birchwood Parkys Gold. Gold center with a dark green margin. Fast, vigorous growth from this one. $8.00
Sweet Innocence M A stunning sport of H. Fragrant Bouquet with much wider creamy margins and fragrant flowers. $18.00
Sweet Standard L Medium green leves are streaked and splotched with creamy white.Fragrant white flowers in mid summer. $12.00
Swirls M A beautiful streaked Hosta that is a sport of H.Geisha .It has green and gold streaked leaves that become chartreuse in late season. $30.00
T Rex XL A monster Hosta from Dick and Jane Ward that features 18 x 14 inch blue-green leaves on a huge clump.Ner white flowers in late June. $15.00
Tambourine S Gray-green leaves that have a wide,bright-white, margin. $8.00
Tears Of Joy Mini A sport of H. Tiny Tears that features narrow folded,upright, medium-green leaves.Clump reaches a mature height of around 4 inches with tiny purple flowers in mid-Summer.A great choice for containers or rock gardens. $12.00
Teaspoon S Cute little green leaves that resemble a teaspoon. great conversation Hosta for the front of the shade garden from Frank Nykios. $10.00
Teatime M A new sport of H. English Sunrise that has a dark green center and a gold to chartreuse streaky margin. Good color and substance! $15.00
Templar Gold S This small bright golden Hosta features 9 inch by 6 inch leaves that are deeply veined and slightly rippled.Very bright and slug resistant! $16.00
test L test $0.25
Thai Brass M Very nice brassy gold color on thick leaves. $17.00
The Fonz M A 14 X 32 inch mound of 9 by 6 inch wide; shiny dark green with a very heavy rippled margin; good substance. A must add to H. Laverne and Shirley. $15.00
The High Life M 2013 AHS Convention Milwaukee gift plant.Large gold leaves with a medium green margin.Pale lavender flowers in August. $15.00
The King M-L This beauty comes to us from Jim Schwarz, It matures to 20 x 50 inches with leaves that get 10 x 7 inches .They are bluish green centered with a wide ,streaky gold, creamy margin that is slightly rippled.Lavender flowers on 30 inch scapes in July. $22.00
The Leading Edge L A nice large semi-upright mound of green rippled leaves with a 1 inch ,irregular streaky cream margin. Really nice coloration! $17.00
The Razor`s Edge S A small, upright, and fast growing Hosta with good substance. The long wavy,serrated, leaves stand up to show off its sharp red petioles and white backs. $10.00
Three Sisters L Green pointed leaves with a gold margin.Sport of H.Green Wedge. Fast growth and vigor. $16.00
Thunder Boomer L This Hosta from Bob Solberg forms an impressive mound of blue-green leaves that are slightly rippled with thick substance. $11.00
Thunderbolt (ppaf) L A sport of H.Elegans with a creamy white center surrounded by a deep blue margin. a real beauty! $12.00
Tiny Tears Mini Very small mound of tiny green leaves, purple flowers in July, ideal for a rock garden plant or for the front of the garden. $6.00
Titanic (ppaf) XL A sport of H.Sum and Substance that has huge leaves with a medium to dark green center with a wide gold margin.Gets huge just like its parent! $13.00
Tom Schmid L This large Krossa Regal sport features long ,powder blue, leaves with a bright ,white margin.Medium lavender flowers on tall scapes top this upright beauty in late July. Stunning color and form are combined in this Hosta.. $15.00
Tonoko Tachi M A very sun tolerant , semi-upright, mound of shiny, medium green leaves with white backs.Purple flowers on 30 inch scapes in mid-summer..This Hosta is native to full sun spots in Japan. $12.00
Torchlight M Upright mound of dark green leaves with a wavy white margin and red petioles. Hardy and fast growing! $8.00
Touch of Class ( ppaf.) M Thick blue leaves with a gold flame shaped center from the classic H. June with more intense coloration. $13.00
Toy Soldier S Sport of the popular H. Blue Cadet. Same shape and clumping habit with a creamy,streaky margin. $13.00
Treasure M-L A highly rated gold-leaved cultivar from H.Tokudama Aureonebulosa from Gretchen Harshbarger.Bright gold, thick cupped leaves. $11.00
Triple Ripple M-L A 20 by 52 inch mound of blue- green leaves surrounded by a heavily rippled 1/2 inch chartreuse margin. It is from the breeding program of Ed Elslager. $30.00
Tropical Dancer M-L This sport of H. Spring Fling has a very wide, intensely ruffled, creamy-white border surrounding beautiful long, tapered, green leaves. Very showy. $12.00
Tropical Storm S A reversed sport of Rainforest Sunrise found at Walters Gardens; like its mother plant, exhibits incredible color contrast between the leaf margin and center $12.00
Tropicana M A 19 x 40 inch mound with leaves that are 9 inches long by 7 inches wide; color changes from chartreuse with a yellow edge in spring to pale green with a white margin; slightly wavy; slightly corrugated. Pale purple flowers in mid July. $18.00
True Blue M t This Hosta features nice thick blue-gree, heart shaped leaves that are leathery and rugose.It has unusual orchid flowers edged in white. $8.00
Twilight M Dark green, shiny leaves with a streaky gold margin. Very striking! $10.00
Twilight Time S A small dense mound of bright blue, heavily rippled leaves. It puts on a big show with profuse purple flowers in late summer. $15.00
Twirlatini NEW! S A nice little 8 x 20 inch mound of 5 X 3 inch wavy, blue-green leaves with pale purple flowers in early September. A Mark Zilis introduction. $12.00
Twist of Lime S Bright gold sport of H. Lemon Lime with a green border.A great edger. $9.00
Tycoon M This one grows to a medium sized mound that has medium green centers and a wide ,streaky, white margin. $25.00
Tyler`s Treasure M-L Heart shaped blue-green leaves with a bright gold margin.Nice specimen plant. $11.00
Valentine Lace M Nice deep veined, blue green Hosta that is extremely hardy and prolific! $7.00
Vanilla Cream S Nice little gold Hosta that looks great in front of dark greens or blues. $7.00
Velvet Moon L Beautiful sport of H.Abiqua Moonbeam .It has dark green centers with a wide gold margin. Very showy! $14.00
Venessa D-S A Small, medium green Hosta with lance shaped, rippled leaves.Tall scapes of lavender striped flowers in July.Spreads quickly! $6.00
Venetian Dream M A medium sized bright blue Hosta with a heavily rippled, unruly, margin.This Q and Z introduction features pale purple flowers in mid-summer. $15.00
Venetian Star M Beautiful hybrid of a seedling X Venetian Blue offers heavily rippled margins, deep blue foliage color, and an arching mound habit; developed at Q and Z Nursery $15.00
Verna Jean S Becomes a small mound of bright chartreuse to gold leaves with a bright white margin. Makes a bright edger for entrances or in front of large green or blue Hostas. $8.00
Veronica Lake S Nice gray -green leaves with a crisp white border.Fast growth and nice mound habit. $7.00
Victory (ppaf) 2015 Hostas Of The Year XL Huge, vase-shaped mound of medium green leaves with a white border.white flowers on 6 inch scapes in summer. New sport of H Nigrescens Elatior. Perfect for the rear of a corner garden $15.00
Waiting In Vein M A medium-sized mound of incredibly bright gold foliage; from the breeding program of Doug and Mardy Beilstein $12.00
Wave Runner M-L This Hosta reaches 19 x 57 inches .It features 12 x 9 inch leaves that have a chartreuse center and a heavily rippled one inch, yellow margin. This sport of H.Squash Casserole comes to us from John Van Ostrand. Purple fowers on 30 inch scapes in June. $20.00
Waving Winds S-M This hosta reaches 11 x 43 inches with 8 x 4 inch leaves that green centered with streaky yellow margins . It features pale lavende flowers on 4 foot scapes. It comes to us from the Lachmans. $13.00
Waving Wuffles M An H. ventricosa seedling with smaller leaves that are ruffled,and extremely wavy.It has purple flowers in mid Spring.A Tony Avent introduction. $6.00
Whatever M A beautiful sport of H.Whoopee with a bright whit margin. $12.00
Wheaton Blue L The all blue form of H. Paul`s Glory .similiar growth habit with lavender flowers. $8.00
Whee! M This Proven Winner Hosta features extremely ruffled ,Cream margins that extend from the tip of the leaf all the way down to the crown.It produces light lavender flowers on purple scapes. This is one showy Hosta. $12.00
Whirling Dervish S A nice little sport of H.Whirlwind that has reverse coloration of white margins and green centers. $12.00
Whirlwind M Thick twisted leaves with a white ,green ,and gold center surrounded by a dark green margin. A must have. $11.00
Whiskey Sour S A nice little Hosta from Bob Solberg that is shiny gold and forms a nice round mound $12.00
White Butterflies M This small to medium Hosta features rich, blue-green leaves with pure white flowers in August from which the name is derived. A Q & Z intro. $15.00
White On M A spot of H. On Stage with broad green leaves and a crisp white margin that sometimes streaks across the entire leaf. It is late to rise in the spring just like it`s parent. $10.00
White Wedding S This Hosta forms a small mound of wavy, narrow, white margined leaves.It features medium purple flowersin late July. It is a stable sport of H Carin`s Wedding . $15.00
Wide Brim M Very puckered, dark green leaves have a wide, creamy yellow margin. Another oldy but goody. $7.00
Winter Snow XL Big, shiny chartreuse leaves with a white border. It is a sport of H. Sum and Substance with a nice, wavy, white margin. $14.00
Winter Warrior M-L A nice 19 inch high by 39 inch wide mound with 10 inch long by 5 1/2 inch wide leaves that are dark green in the center with a 1 inch wide, creamy yellow to white margin; wavy and smooth-textured. Excellent specimen from Randy Goodwin. $12.00
Wishing Well L This one features large, thick blue leaves that hold their cor well in sun.They first appear as cupped and the unfold as the season progresses.Nice white flowers in July. $14.00
Wolverine M Lance shaped leaves with blue-green centers framed with a yellow to off-white margin.Nice contrast plant against a gold or blue with round leaves. $9.00
Woodland Elf NEW Mini This Hosta forms a miniature mound of 2 1/4 x 1 1/2 inch medium green, ovate,slightly wavy and cupped, leaves with a 1/16 inch white margin.Excellent edger or container plant from hybridizer Don Dean. $12.00
World Cup L Upright mound of rich, gold, foliage that is distinctly cupped. A hybrid of Komodo Dragon X Super Bowl that combines the best of both parents; from the breeding program of Doug Beilstein, Mansfield, Ohio. $15.00
Worldly Treasure S A small mound of thick, cupped and distinctly pointed, shiny, green leaves from Randy Goodwin.Amazing thick substance on this little beauty! $16.00
Wylde Green Cream S Small sport of H. Vanilla Cream with light gold centers and a wide green margin. A charming little beauty! $11.00
Xanadu S A beautiful sport of H. Island Charm that has a wider green margin and a white center.Said to be a better growe than it`s parent $20.00
Yankee Blue M From Bob Balitewicz. A Blue Arrow X nigrescens Elatior cross. It forms a large blue clump about 5 feet in time and is fast growing. Leaves are 10 inches x 6 inches. Looks like a large Blue Arrow and is fertile both ways. $13.00
Yellow River L A fast grower! Dark green, heart shaped, leaves have a streaky, off- white margin.Perfectly topped with lavender flowers in July. $11.00
Yin S A small clump of dark blue leaves surrounded by a wide creamy white margin.Nice contrast and form! $14.00
Yingeri S An unusual hosta with lance shaped ,shiny dark green leaves. It has beautiful flowers as well! $10.00
Zebra Stripes S This 10 X 28 inch ,attention grabbing mound from Plant Delights Nursery features 6 X 4 inch leaves that are streaky, white mottled, green speckled, with darker, prominent, green veins. Lavender flowers on 20 inch scapes in July.A collectors must have. $20.00
Zeppelin M A rare 1990 hybrid of Creme de Menthe X (H. kikutii leuconota X H. hypoleuca) from Q and Z nursery, forms a large-sized mound of blue-green foliage; leaf shape resembles the Zeppelin airship $15.00
Zion`s Hope M This Hosta is a stable form of Promised Land, medium green with a light yellow border. $13.00
Zippity Do Da M-L Nice Hosta that features thick, upright, sword-like olive green leaves with a narrow white margin.Very striking! $10.00
Zodiac M Starts out with a light -green center with a light yellow margin then becomes gold with a white margin as the season progresses. $11.00
Zounds L Nice Hosta with a gold leaf that has a metallic sheen .Thick and rugose leaves are slug-resistant and attention getting! $10.00
Zu Zu`s Petals M A bright green medium sized Hosta with a nice yellow border.This Hosta comes to us from Dennis Savory. It is a sport of H. Birchwood Parky`s Gold. $15.00